Why PRINCE2 Works Well on Multiple Projects

Having to run several projects at one time may sound highly demanding. Can you keep all of the different plates spinning around or will the sheer volume of work make it impossible to continue in this way?

The fact is that using a solid project methodology like PRINCE2 can be of terrific help in delivering good results on several, simultaneous pieces of work. How can working like this make it easier to achieve all that you want to?

Every Project Is Run in Exactly the Same Way

The first big benefit is simply that every project is run in exactly the same way. You don’t need to jump between different processes and techniques from one piece of work to another.

This is great news, as it means that it is easier to settle into a good working rhythm that suits you on every single project. There is no need to change the way that you approach any project, even if they are all completely different from one another is issues such as size and scope.

Naturally, this means that you should save time when switching between different pieces of work. There is no need to make a big mental shift in order to do this when they are all run in the same way.

Move Staff Around As Needed

Another potentially big issue when you run various projects at one time is the way that you handle your staff resources. Will you need to move people from one task to another as the work progresses, or will some team members need to work on different projects at one time?

Having wildly different approaches to your project can be a serious headache when it comes to managing the staff. Yet, life suddenly becomes so much easier when you know that people can move around effortlessly.

The starting point for this is with PRINCE2 Training Birmingham for everyone. In this way, they can all handle the tasks that are going to be needed on all of the projects of this type without any fears at all.

Plan Extensively

Another of the main advantages to using PRINCE2 as the basis of your projects is the fact that it requires you to plan extensively. While this is useful in single pieces of work, it can be absolutely essential when it comes to multiple projects.

This is especially true when you have projects that interact with each other. Do you need to complete a milestone on one project before you go ahead with a certain task on another project? Are both projects linked in such a way that they need to be delivered together?

This can all seem horribly complicated but using PRINCE2 methods makes it a lot easier. You will plan extensively before you start, and this will mean that you can more easily control everything even when you are under pressure and time is short.

Learn from Each Project As You Proceed

Are you likely to learn something new on each project that you run? You certainly are, as you discover new ways of working and refine your processes.

Yet, sometimes it can be a long time before you are able to put these new ideas into practice in other projects, simply because they are so different from one another. Thankfully, it is a lot easier to do this when every project is based on the PRINCE2 methodology.

Everything that you learn from one project can be put to good use on other pieces of work. This means that you carry on improving the way that you work and get better results time after time.