Why Snus Could Be Your Answer To Quitting Smoking 

The negative effects of smoking are widely known yet that doesn’t make things too much easier if you are a smoker who is struggling to quit. There are many different means by which you can quit smoking from vaping to using nicotine patches. If you have tried and failed to quit smoking using these methods then perhaps it is time to try something different, and snus could be a great option for you. This is a product which many non-smokers can also enjoy, and here is exactly why this could be your answer to quitting cigarettes for good. 


The danger of using products such as vape pens is that you are not breaking any habits which you have from smoking cigarettes. The action is still the same and so too is the breathing in and out of vapor which resembles smoke. When it comes to snus however, this is a smokeless powder which you place underneath your lip, and the body absorbs the nicotine. Those who are quitting smoking can depend on that nicotine as well as helping with the oral fixation somewhat. Using snus products like Zyn pouches can enjoy the hit of nicotine whilst still being able to break habits attached to cigarette smoking. 


Smoking negatively effects every single cell in the body and that is of course why so many look to try and quit when they can. Whilst there are still some risks associated with nicotine consumption, any potential dangers are massively reduced when using snus. Vaping may appear to be a good option in terms of health risks but there is still a great deal that we don’t know about when it comes to vaping regularly and there has recently been a spate of health issues in the USA amongst teenagers who have been vaping certain liquids. Using snus is a far healthier way of getting your nicotine fix. 


Further breaking the habit, snus comes in a wide range of flavors which help to take that step from smoker to non-smoker. Pouches come in a range of flavors such as citrus, coffee and more tropical flavors. Again this ensures that you are still able to get some nicotine into your body, although the experience of doing so is completely different, and far more tasty! 

Manage Content 

Snus comes in a wide variety of strengths and if you manage it right then you can slowly wean yourself down to low levels of nicotine, or down to none at all. There are many who use snus who have never smoked, but simply enjoy the taste and the experience. These people will often take low nicotine levels and focus on the pleasure of the experience rather than looking for a bigger hit. Smokers can start at those stronger levels and then slowly but surely use snus items to reduce the body’s dependency on nicotine. 

If you are looking to quit smoking, or perhaps you are looking for a new experience, give snus a try.