Why You Shouldn’t Eliminate Every Male Hemp Flower Plant from Your Garden

Even before it became famous as a prime source of CBD, hemp was a useful industrial culture. Its cultivation has existed for millennia. Today, when the CBD ‘conquers the world,’ more and more people would grow cannabis for personal or commercial purposes.

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Although many will tell you how male stalks are undesirable for breeding, you actually need them. Without ‘guys,’ it’s almost impossible to start your breeding program. But you should know that you only need a few of them to get the job done.

Male members of the hemp family shouldn’t be eliminated from the plantations. Still, it is necessary to separate them from females. They can be fatal for ‘ladies’ because of the vast amounts of pollen they create. That can actually harm them.

Breeding Material

Female hemp has a way better reputation in the CBD industry than males. The reason for this is that ladies are significantly more potent than the ‘guys.’ Female strains contain higher concentrations of cannabinoids in the buds. Still, don’t give up on males too soon.

If you are planning to start organic hemp production, you have to start from nothing. Simply put, you have to make your seeds. You will do this by allowing the male hemp to fertilize the female strain. It’s advisable to do this by pollen collection and artificial insemination.

Unless you are planning extensive hemp farming, you should not let ‘guys’ release their pollen. Instead, you should collect it. That way, you will be able to keep an eye on the number of fertilized plants.

During fertilization, the pollen transfers a part of male genetics to the females. To get only the best material, you need to choose the population’s best representative for pollination. ‘Guys’ have many useful features that can improve the characteristics of female hemp.

Enhancing Lady Plants

For the ladies to get only the best material, you need to find an excellent fertilizer. It is not wise to try a male hemp plant in the same way as ladies; it’s not an enjoyable experience. That’s why you should observe them. Look how fast they grow, when they bloom, whether they are resistant to pests and mold, and so on. These are traits that are desirable to pass on to females.

Cut male stalks that have undesirable properties. For example, some individuals may develop an auto-flowering trait. For more information, visit this page. Also, if you need gentlemen to enhance your ladies, get rid of those that grow too fast and don’t have an intense scent. They are suitable for the textile industry but useless for CBD production.

If you study male members of the hemp species, you will realize that they are not actually THC-free, as was thought until recently. This cannabinoid is found mainly in their leaves before the period of ‘full maturity.’ Until the plant is fully grown, females take the lead in the amount of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds. Then things turn to male’s advantage.

Genetic Diversity

Planting only female plants will bring you what you want – resins for CBD extraction. Without males, hemp reproduces by cloning, and the same species is growing all the time. That can be both good and bad. The bad thing about such breeding is that, over time, plants can become prone to disease and eventually die.

Male genetic material is necessary for hemp strains to maintain vitality and genetic diversity. As described on cheefbotanicals website, this mixing enhances the amount of CBD in females too. New plants will continuously develop from fertilized plants, and the mixing of strains will be continuous. That will lead to the creation of a superstrain, which can be very potent and disease resistant.

Garden Protection

Another benefit of hemp men is that they are rich in terpenes, known as excellent pest repellents. It is only necessary to detect male plants with the most intense and pleasant smell. Besides protecting hemp plantation, you can transplant these individuals into any garden where you grow any other flowers or vegetables. These gentlemen will protect every plant.

Hemp growing can be a very profitable business. If you want to start it, you need to be well informed about all the factors required for success. Don’t believe those who say male strains are useless; if you use these ‘guys’ in the right way, they can serve a higher purpose.

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