3 tips for being a successful freelancer online!

Freelancing careers are all the rage now as it the day of mobile commutes and at home workers. There are many stories of successful people making good money online as a freelancer. However, there are many more stories of people who tried and failed to be successful. Here are three key things anyone who is interested in becoming a full time freelancer online needs to keep in mind in order to be successful


1. Demand Your Worth

Too many freelance writers forget that they are doing this for a living and they forget their own abilities and talent and qualification. Many new freelancers fall into the content mill trap because they are worried they do not have enough of a portfolio to show clients or they do not have the skills needed to compete. So they go to low-bid war ites where members from across the globe bid on jobs and it often comes down to who is willing to work for the least amount of money. Even newbies deserve to make a decent wage for the work they do. Remember you have skills and talent and training that gives you value in your market. Content mills are the worst possible way to get started as freelancer because once you get locked into salve-wages to get few clients, it is very hard to raise your rates and you get trapped competing with bottom feeders.


2. You’re Running a Business

Many designers, writers, tutors, and other freelancers initially got into freelancing because they wanted something more than a traditional nine to five desk job. They like the idea of being their own boss, the option to set their own work schedule and the freedom and creativity to do what they enjoy. That is what freelancing gives them and for many people it a lot more fulfilling than an office job. However, you can’t forget that it is still your business- if you forget this you will not be in business for long. You still must be professional, prompt, polite, and practical with all your plans and decisions and interactions. If you are looking at freelance work as being more than a hobby then you must treat it like a business in order to make money and be successful in your niche market. Try freelance writing jobs on ThePensters and earn up to $14/page!


3. Stay Organized

Depending on what type of freelance work you do, the clients you work for, and projects you take on, you may have vastly different projects going on at the same time. A freelance writer may have two ebooks, five web sites, two blogs, and some product description work all due the same month. A IT freelancer could have a dozen clients they have to bounce back and froth between each and very week. Staying organized and on top of your tasks and responsibilities is critical to being a successful freelancer. To keep your head above water be your own personal assistant, schedule your time wisely, keep track of things, set up a daily and weekly schedule, and always maintain good lines of communication with all of your clients! If you have the space, setting up a clean office/work area is important. Having natural light nearby will help your mood a lot, and don’t forget about that little cactus for your desk!
The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell