3 Tips For Safer Freeway Driving

Unless you live in a very small town, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up driving on a highway or freeway at some point in your life. And while this can sometimes be a scary experience when you’re not used to going at high speeds, if you’re careful and confident, you can safely navigate around these roads.

To show you just how this can be done, here are three tips for safer freeways driving and strategies to help you avoid getting into a car or truck accident

Go With The Flow Of Traffic

While there are speed limits on all highways or freeways, it’s often safer to just go with the flow of traffic—as long as it keeps you near this speed limit.

In some areas, people generally drive faster than the speed limit. And while it can sometimes be fine for you to stick with this flow of traffic, AARP shares that you shouldn’t ever feel pressured to drive faster than you’re comfortable. If you’re not comfortable driving at the speed of those around you, consider taking an alternate route.

On the flip side, many busy areas will have traffic that runs slower than the speed limit. So while you might want to go as fast as you’re legally able to, you need to be a cautious and considerate driver by going with the flow of traffic that you find yourself in. 

Only Use The Left Lane To Pass Other Drivers

On most highways and freeways, there are at least two lanes of traffic going in the same direction. Knowing how to properly manage your time in each of these two lanes can help you get to your destination quicker and help you avoid potential accidents on the road.

According to Jalesa Campbell, a contributor to Safety.com, you should spend the majority of your time driving in the far right lane. Ideally, you should only be using the left lane if you need to pass someone driving slower than you in the right lane. Once you’ve passed this vehicle, get back into the right lane in order to allow anyone driving faster than you to pass you in the left lane. 

Always Use Your Lights And Signals

When driving on highways or freeways, your ability to communicate with the other drivers around is going to be a big help in avoiding accidents on the road. 

To make this communication easier, Jason Unrau, a contributor to YourMechanic.com, advises that you always use your signals when you’ll be changing lanes, entering, or exiting the road. Additionally, you should also consider driving with your headlights on to make it easier for other drivers to see you. 

To help you stay safe when on a highway or freeway, consider using the tips mentioned above to next time you’re driving.