4 Ways to Start Being Healthier… Right NOW!

Most people know that they could be doing more for their health. However, those same people are often unaware of how rare it is for people to live a fully healthy lifestyle. The vast majority of people end up so intimidated by healthy lifestyle choices that they never try to implement them in the first place. This is especially tragic, given how easy many of these healthy lifestyle options are when one approaches them in the right way. By adopting a few specific changes, one can easily have one of the healthier lifestyles in the world. 

#1: Start cooking at home and freezing your leftovers

Diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Or, as Hypocrites said, “Food is medicine.” Diet impacts caloric intake, weight, energy levels, and a host of other issues. Eating better can begin by simply choosing more nourishing options at the store. However, one will quickly pick up on something when looking at the back of food packing. Most packaged food is high on calories and additive sugar. Meanwhile, it’s usually low on fiber and protein, which makes one feel sated after a meal. 

One of the best ways to combat these unhealthy options is to spend an evening on meal preparation. The idea is to simply cook a large number of meals in advance. One then freezes them to eat over time. By cooking meals instead of buying them packaged, people can carefully manage their nutritional profiles. This means including more vegetables to boost vitamin, mineral, and fiber content. One can also include more sources of protein. 

#2: Start filtering your water 

Water is just as important as food when building a foundation for healthier lifestyles. The easiest way to ensure that you’re drinking clean, healthy, and pure water is to install a water filter. You can find a few different types of filters on the market, and it makes sense to use a filter at home instead of less eco-friendly options, such as buying single-use plastic water bottles. 

Possibly the best method for filtering water in your home is reverse osmosis. And what is reverse osmosis water, you ask? Reverse osmosis uses force to push water through a semipermeable membrane. Water can pass through the membrane, but contaminants won’t. This effectively filters the water of almost all contaminants. Physically removing contaminants leads to pure and healthy water, which can perfectly complement the healthy dietary changes you’re making. 

#3: Download a meditation app and give it five minutes a day

One can find a wide variety of mediation practices to try out. However, all forms of meditation can be seen as different paths to the same goal. Meditation will eventually help people find calm in the midst of even the most turbulent emotion. This calm is directly applicable to mental health. What’s more, it can help people’s physical health as well. People often find that problems with heart rate and breathing are helped by meditation. 

#4: Find an exercise you enjoy and do it three times a week

Exercise is usually placed at the top of most lists of healthy habits. However, it’s usually best to first build up a foundation of healthy food and clean water. When people exercise, they’re pushing their bodies to the limit. One wouldn’t try to win a car race with poor fuel in the tank. Likewise, it’s best to initially focus on nutrition before moving on to exercise. 

Once one has built up this foundation, exercise can be far more fun than people usually assume. People usually pick workouts that they don’t enjoy. However, the most important part of a workout is whether or not one can stick with it long term. Healthy lifestyles are meant to last the entirety of one’s life. Having an exercise plan which doesn’t make one happy is counterproductive to this goal. One should instead start investigating various workouts. People should ultimately try to find a workout that they’ll be able to look forward to.