4 Winter Plumbing Emergencies, And How To Avoid Them

Your plumbing runs throughout the home, serving as the lifeblood of the whole operation – but just like our own bodies, winter’s frigid weather and moisture can cause problems. Oftentimes people ignore the warning signs of winter-related plumbing problems, causing them to manifest as a full-blown emergency, which can be costly and dangerous.

 The first and most important piece of advice that homeowners need in regards to plumbing is that they should always have a plumber on speed dial, one with the experience to tackle any plumbing job, like installing sinks, faucets, toilets, and tubs while helping you avoid avoid costly damages. With that in mind, here are four common winter emergencies that might arise, and what you can do to avoid them.

Frozen/Busted Pipe/Lines

Frozen pipes in the winter can be a major disaster and cause property damage. You can prepare your pipes for the winter by leaving the tap dripping, but a frozen pipe that has burst will require a qualified professional. A busted pipe can be costly – a frozen pipe can cause $1,000 of dollars in damage, which is why it should be carefully maintained prior to the winter months to avoid a winter emergency. Should an emergency arise, though, you need to act immediately, as damages will only get worse as time goes by – it can be difficult to know what to do in a plumbing emergency especially if it happens at night, but the best course of action is always to seek the help of a 24/7 plumber.

Toilet Repair

If you have two toilets, maybe one bathroom malfunctioning may not seem like a problem, but the raw sewage smell that can be released from a cracked seal should be more than enough reason to act swiftly. Your family and friends spend a lot of time in the house during the winter, so it’s imperative that you nip toilet issues in the bud. And as for the other drains in your house, you should always check for leaky faucets, and clogged pipes early, as they can affect the quality of the water entering your house.

Malfunctioning Heating System

Nobody wants to be without heat in the winter, but heating emergencies do happen. You should have a professional plumber in the Mississauga area on hand to maintain your heating system during the winter – not only can a cold house cause health problems for its inhabitants, but it’s hard on your appliances and other plumbing apparatuses.

No Hot Water

Without hot water during the winter, you can’t enjoy a hot shower, use the dishwasher effectively, or wash your whites. When your hot water goes out, you will need a Mississauga professional to handle your repair quickly – your warmth and comfort depends on it!

To avoid a huge winter repair bill, don’t wait until the last minute to make repairs to the plumbing in your home or commercial business. Emergencies can happen, but if you act swiftly you can make sure they stay contained.