5 Ways Digital Billboards Can Maximize Your ROIs

If you own a small-to-medium-sized business, you may be on a tight budget allotted for advertising. You are continually looking to find ways to boost revenues without stretching your marketing dollars. One great way to achieve this goal is an outdoor digital billboard campaign.

Digital billboards or OOH (out of home) advertising signage helps attract more eyeballs. Furthermore, your hyperlocal targeting efforts pay off as potential customers in the neighborhood register your business in their minds.

Here are the top five ways in which digital billboards can drive up your ROI:

  1. Broader Reach

People pay more attention to moving, flashing, and colorful images than a print ad. Human psychology dictates that you seek unique experiences. And, digital signage can stimulate onlookers to take an interest in something unknown.

Although beautiful, a static poster may fail to evoke an emotional response like a moving image. Your future customers will connect with the content or become curious about the services you provide.

Since you display them in public spaces, there is no way to block them, as you do with online ads. More importantly, a greater number of people will learn about your brand.

  1. Impulse Buys

You may have suddenly realized that while waiting in traffic, you have been craving dark chocolate all day. Perhaps you have seen a digital ad earlier and got influenced.

Dynamic digital billboards indeed have the power to sway people’s minds. One survey found that 49% of customers made an unplanned purchase, motivated by a digital ad.

The reason is the crisp content that speaks to customers on a personal level. At the end of the motion posters, there is usually a call to action, which prompts people to buy right that moment.

  1. Recall Rate

Since digital billboards stand out from your regular static signage, they are more prominent. Over 55% of the surveyed customers admitted to remembering the displayed ads and the associated message. That is an impressive recall rate!

Therefore, digital billboards are highly effective in promoting specific items. For instance, you are launching a new product; going digital will earn you more revenue than traditional signs.

  1. Targeted Advertisement

Not all the outdoor digital billboards for your business need to display the same message. Depending on the demographic you aim to attract, you can tailor your content to reach your target group directly for maximum impact.

Other factors are the time of the day, location, placement, screen size, etc. For instance, you own a bed-and-breakfast. Placing your ad prominently near the freeway can attract travelers looking for a place to spend the night.

  1. Numerous Impressions

Impressions refer to the people that pay attention to your ads. For static ads, this number goes down as the day moves forward, but digital ads receive consistent impressions.

In simple words, static signs are easier to ignore, while digital ads can command curiosity. This is because digital signs are dynamic and allow changes in the environment. So, they don’t go stale even if you leave them up for weeks, and you record a higher number of impressions.

Outdoor digital billboard ads are also cost-effective. It is proved that they can lead to a 30% increase in sales when placed at POS. When you use full-motion LED screens, your cost per thousand impressions is 10% less than traditional ads.

Hence, this digital advertising format gives you higher long-term savings.