Only a fool makes work for themselves which is why we’ve pulled together six of the best hacks to get your business working smarter whilst still achieving your goals.

And what’s more, these simple steps will help save you time, stay focused and give your company the edge in these testing times.

  1. Make some noise (but not too much)

Research has shown that people can struggle to be creative in a quiet atmosphere and similarly, they also find loud workspaces too distracting. In face the best working background should be a general ‘hum’. One that provides a soothing soundtrack to your work, without pulling you out of the zone. This is especially good advice with more of us WHM and remotely.

  1. Screen time

Introducing a second work screen can improve productivity significantly. It allows you to view separate documents at the same time, so there is no need constantly minimise and maximise windows, meaning you can keep your work flowing and get through jobs quicker.

  1. Choose your fonts with care!

New research from reveals what your font says about you and your business. The study by the promotional products retailer discovered that almost three quarters of workers (70 percent) insist what font we use is as important as what people and businesses say in their marketing.

Findings show that most people who use Arial are the most likely to be serious and professional, according to 37 percent of the nation. People who fire off missives in Times New Roman are likely to be ‘traditional’ (14 percent), while those who opt for Century Gothic are more inclined to be academic and bookish (10 percent).

More worryingly, nearly two thirds (63 percent) of respondents said that they wouldn’t read any form of literature if it was written using the Comic Sans MS font.

So choose wisely and target your font to your customers. Click here to read the findings of the report in full.

  1. Doodle while you work

Yes, you read that right! Apparently It’s great for relaxing if we doodle a picture or a stick-figurewhile we work and is good at helping you focus too.

  1. Find your voice

Cut-through all the other businesses out there with your own tone of voice – but make sure it fits your business model. For example, some tech startups manage to find funny and quirky ways of communicating that wouldn’t work for larger businesses with a strict corporate voice. Depending on your target audience and industry, use a tone of voice that best describes the core values your business stands for.

  1. Step away from your mobile

We spend so much time glued to our phones, but it can have a real impact on our productivity. In fact, an article on the Independent reveals that Britons spend 62 million hours a day on social media. It’stoo tempting, so one tip is to put your phone in your desk draw and only check in on it every hour or so. Also, avoid social platforms whilst you’re in ‘working’ hours as it’s easy to get distracted and spend a lot longer than you intended.