6 Careers in the Sports Field

If you’re passionate about sports, you can turn your interest into a career that will provide you with financial stability throughout your life. There are many positions within the sports field that could give you a sense of fulfillment and allow you to help develop this thriving industry. Here are some of the top careers in sports that you might want to pursue.


As a coach, you’ll be working with individual athletes or entire sports teams to sharpen their abilities. From leading exercise drills to teaching new athletic skills, you’ll be performing many duties in your role as a coach so that your players will be ready for game day. You’ll also need to offer emotional support to your athletes to help boost their morale and keep them motivated to train.

Physical Therapy

Athletes who become injured or want to address other physical problems that are affecting their performances often see physical therapists for treatment. If you choose to work as a physical therapist, you’ll be putting together personalized treatment plans for each athlete that include different stretches and other exercises to aid in recovery and strengthen muscles. You’ll need to manually assist athletes with certain exercises so that they get the most benefit from their sessions.

Sports Management

Sports managers are hired by professional athletes to handle responsibilities like marketing, product merchandising and corporate sponsorship deals. You may also be working with collegiate athletic departments to make sure that all compliance regulations are being followed and that major events are being managed properly. To enter this field, you can obtain a Master of Science in Sport Management degree from an institution such as Adelphi University and start applying for positions.


Nutritionists are often hired by athletes to develop proper eating plans that include all the right foods to enhance athletic performance. You’ll need to develop each meal plan based on the specific sport and physical needs of the athlete. Dietary restrictions will also need to be taken into consideration for certain athletes.

Athletic Scout

You may get the chance to discover the next big sports star when you work as a scout. Athletic scouts travel to schools and other places around the country to find players who show extraordinary aptitude in a particular sport. Communicating with coaches, studying player statistics, and checking the news for buzz about up-and-coming athletes with great potential are some of the other duties of an athletic scout. If you enjoy traveling to different cities and small towns, this could be the perfect position for you


 From basketball to hockey, referees are needed in a variety of sports to enforce certain rules during each game. If any infractions have been committed by players during a game, you’ll be responsible for implementing the proper penalties, which could involve removing certain players from the game for a period of time.

Your dream of working in sports can become a reality when you go for one of these positions. In addition to living your dream, you’ll be helping athletes reach their fullest potential.