A Guide to Family Biking: Fall 2020

Are you looking for ways to get your family out of the house for exciting adventures? During the fall, when school is back in session, it’s important to look for things that you can do close to home. The next time you look for a beach cruiser for sale, why not look for one for each member of your family? That way you can enjoy one of the most family-friendly outdoor activities together.

Before you go, you should make sure you have the right type of bikes for everyone and are fully prepared for a safe and enjoyable ride. Here’s a quick guide to fall 2020 family biking.

Bring Your Masks

In most places, it’s not necessary to wear a mask while you’re exercising outdoors. However, you never know when you might need to stop by a gas station to fill up your water bottles or grab a quick snack to fuel your ride. That’s why you’ll need to make sure you have enough masks with you for every member of your family.

Select the Right Type of Bike

There are many different types of bikes out there, so you’ll need to put some thought into what type to buy for yourself and your family members. Hybrid bikes for women are nice because they are capable of both on-road and off-road riding. Though they aren’t designed to handle the toughest mountain trails (they aren’t mountain bikes, after all), they are designed to handle most dirt roads with ease.

Road bikes are ideal if you plan to ride solely on paved roads. They offer speed but aren’t the most comfortable bikes for long-term use. Mountain bikes are designed primarily for off-road trails. They are durable and strong, but tend to be heavier and clunkier than road bikes. Finally, cruiser bikes are intended primarily for paved roads but are the most comfortable bikes of all.

Wear Layers

Fall weather tends to be cold in the mornings and evenings but warm in the afternoons. To make sure you and your family members stay comfortable during your ride, wear layers. That way you can peel them off as needed when the weather turns warm and add them back on if it gets chilly.

Maintain Your Bikes

Whether you’re riding an adult tricycle or you bought a beach cruiser for sale, keep your bike and the bikes of your family members well maintained. That includes getting regular tune-ups and greasing your chains. Failing to do these things can lead to a rough, frustrating ride.

Stay Visible

Remember, days are shorter in the fall than they are in the summer. If your family is caught outdoors on a dusky fall evening, you need to make sure you can be seen. Wear bright, reflective clothing and equip your bicycles with front and rear lights. That way you motorists can see you at all times. To further your safety, try to ride late in the morning or early in the afternoon so you don’t take the risk of running out of daylight during your ride.

Riding bikes with your family in the fall is a great way to stay active. This guide can help you remain safe and comfortable during your ride.