ABCs Of Tipping Competitions in Australia

Tipping competitions are very popular activities in Australia that are often considered complicated or difficult for a beginner, but when the principles are understood and followed, along with a little bit of reading up (less than 5 minutes) the participants are able to enjoy the excitement of the competitions in a short amount of time.

Down below are a few principles and common concepts a person should be aware of before venturing into a tipping competition in Australia.

Away Team

The word ‘away team‘ refers to a team playing away from their home ground, 


The term “code” refers to a series of matches in the competition rules described on the website.

Margin Game

“Margin game” refers to the match chosen by the promoter in a particular round for which the players must choose the winning margin.


In a particular season, a ‘game‘ refers to a single game played by the applicable code between members of the tipping competition. 


Participant‘ refers to a person who is entitled to participate and who applies for or engages in any competition by logging into the website with their username and password.

Keep mind that most tipping competitions include all the games in a season and rounds. The winning entries depend on the matches’ results at the end of the specific round or season.


Following the conclusion of a round, ‘results‘ are the matches’ official outcomes as decided by the applicable code according to its rules.

After learning about some key terms, it becomes imperative to learn about rankings, and margins on tipping competitions. 


  • Tips for each game can be entered or changed at any time before the game’s start time, normally published on the competitions website.
  • Tips will not be approved until a game has begun.
  • If tippers do not enter tips for a game, round, or join after the season has started, a default score will be assigned. 
  • There are no default tips given during the finals rounds in any sport

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Tipper Rankings

  • Tippers will be ranked in order of their weekly ranking, with the highest score earning the top spot.
  • The user’s weekly score for the round, followed by their ’round margin,’ and finally their ‘complete margin,’ will decide the weekly winners.
  • The total ranking, followed by the ‘total margin,’ will determine the season’s overall winner as well as the round margin, if drawn.


  • Each round, the Margin Tippers must join a winning team in addition to a margin for one game, i.e. the margin by which team A will defeat team B.
  • Round margin will equal 0 points/goals if a person tips the winning team and their exact winning margin.
  • The round margin would equal the difference between the real margin and the tipped margin if the player picked the team that won but went wrong with the margin.
  • If the losing side is chosen, the round margin equals the difference in points/goals between the actual game margin and the margin tipped
  • The ‘absolute margin‘ is the amount of all weekly margins over all tipping competition rounds to date. 

Sticking to the basic rules and checking results on a regular basis will ensure a great experience.