Amazing gift ideas for your parent’s Anniversary

Whether it’s their 15th wedding anniversary or their 50th, your parent’s deserve to get a special blast on their anniversary. This day is not only special for them but for you as well, as if this day wouldn’t have happened you would have not been born on this planet. But besides celebrating your parent’s anniversary , it’s important to select the right gift for them. Choosing a unique gift for your parents can be tricky because they never tell openly what they desire. You should go a little out of the box by understanding what your parents have always wanted or have indirectly mentioned their desire to own that thing or go to a particular location. Stretch out your brain nerves and recall all the times your parents talked about some of their unfulfilled desires and wants.

Taking your burden a little we have curated a list of 5 uncommon gift ideas for your parent’s anniversary that they are going to love:

  1. Plants: Plants are believed to bring prosperity and good health to a family. You can gift your parents different plants having multiple health benefits and their own mini garden where they can enjoy the farm grown fruits and vegetables. You can choose some indoor plants as well which are proven anti radiation plants and helps in preventing the health of the owners from harmful radiation of electronic gadgets. Aloe Vera, Stone Lotus plant, snake plant are amongst the various succulent indoor plants you can gift your parents. Also according to vastu and Feng shui, you can gift them indoor money plant in a cute hanging vase which is believed to shower wealth and positivity on its owners. If you have a big verandah or an open hall in the house, you can also opt for a stylish vertical garden in your hall which is not only trendy but is also good for the entire family’s health. Your parents will definitely appreciate your idea of this health conscious natural gift.
  1. Wildlife safari tour: If your parents have at some point of life shown their interest in sight seeing and watching the wildlife animals. Then take the idea seriously and take them out on a wildlife safari tour as their wedding anniversary gift. There are multiple options in India as well for a good wildlife safari if you’re a little restricted to your budget. If you want to experience the best of jungle and take a walk in the woods with your family with an exotic stay. Then plan a trip to Jim corbett park where they have multiple packages for staying in the woods and taking a ride with your family in the jeep and go on a tiger hunt safari ride. And if you have more budget, then you can always plan an overseas wildlife trip to South Africa , Sri Lanka or to the amazons. This is not only a crazy experience of lifetime but will make this anniversary celebrations even more cheerful.
  1. Personalised cake: Celebrating the anniversary of the world’s best mom and dad needs to be sweet and full of memories. Order a unique cake for their wedding anniversary that will always be guarded in their hearts. You can choose a photo cake where you can send pictures of your parents and get it printed on the cake. You can also pick a 3 tier rose cake with edible flowers and decorations, this not only looks highly sophisticated in design but is swish in taste and flavours. Order a freshly baked anniversary photo cake online straight out of the oven for your parent’s special day and wait for it’s delicate flavours to melt in your mouth. Get the delivery at your desired address or the hotel venue if you’re celebrating it outside with your loved ones and relatives.
  1. Customised clothes: For your parent’s wedding anniversary, you can gift them a custom pair of clothes where you can have special matching color dresses made for them. For example you can get a special black color tuxedo made for your father where they can have their anniversary date mentioned and customised near the pocket area and similarly you can gift a black dress or a black chanderi silk saree to your mother where you can have their anniversary date again woven near the borders. You can ask both of them to wear those dresses on their anniversary night and you all can go for a fancy dinner or a party to celebrate the day. These clothes will be very special for them as it has their wedding dates mentioned on it plus they will love how you gave them such a thoughtful gift.

So these were the very distinctive gift ideas you can give to your parents. They all are unique in their own way as not everybody thinks this way and gift their parents such quirky gifts. Adding a touch of personalisation always increases the emotions attached to that gift. Be involved as much as you can in choosing the right gift for your parents and make the celebrations a success. Wish your parent’s on time, spend quality time with them, cook for them and celebrate the day with full fervour and enthusiasm!