Avoid Developing Chronic Back Pain With These Tips


There is a running joke that once one turns thirty years old, this person wakes up the next morning with the back of an eighty year old. This highlights how our modern life is actually accelerating the deterioration of our spinal health. In the past, people stayed active long until their twilight years, but modern office dwellers are now spending too many hours sitting and being sedentary. They sit in offices and at their homes, neglecting their backbone’s condition. The good news is that it does not have to be this way. Experienced neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Yazdi offers some advice on how to keep your spine in tiptop shape.

Limit Confining Yourself To The Chair

It is very easy to lose track of time while sitting and working at the office. However, Dr. Joseph Yazdi insists that office workers need to get up and stretch at least every twenty to thirty minutes of sitting. The reason for this is because the lower spine discs are loaded three times while sitting compared to standing. What’s more, sitting too long often makes people slouch and develop bad posture. All of this results in back pain. Since the human backbone is not meant to stay stationary for long periods of time, it is important and healthy to keep moving. It possible, perhaps changing to a standing desk could help keep the spine in a better position. A timer could also help in reminding office workers when they have been sitting too long at their desks.

Get Shoes That Support The Spine

Wearing the correct shoes can tremendously help your spine to stay healthy. This is because good shoes provide a supportive base to keep the backbone and the rest of the body properly aligned. One way to find out if you are wearing proper shoes is to check that the part of the shoes that hug the heels is snug, but not too tight. This is important in avoiding probation or supination (too much rolling of the foot while walking). Moreover, make sure that the arches of the feet are supported by the shoes, as lack of arch support would not only cause tiredness but also cause the misalignment of the spine and body. If extra support is needed, Dr. Yazdi recommends investing in good shoe orthotics or inserts that could provide added balance and support.

Do Exercises That Strengthen The Core Muscles

The core muscles are found in the stomach and lower back. Strengthening the abdominal and lower back muscles help support the whole core areas so that the spine would be adequately supported. This would take pressure off the lower back and avoid help to avoid developing back pain. Modern lifestyle usually does not encourage the core muscles to be engaged, thus Dr. Yazdi recommends everyone to do exercises that specifically target the core muscles for twenty to thirty minutes a day. This could tremendously help in increasing the strength of the back and stomach muscles to keep the spine healthy.