Tips on how to keep yourself motivated to exercise

Exercising, for both women and men, means numerous health benefits. Not only will you slim down, but you can also alleviate stress, boost your immune system, and strengthen your bones which help prevent osteoporosis. Exercising also means setting your needs as a priority. It is hard to balance a career, a family, the household chores, the pets, and the list goes on and on. Don’t let exercise be at the very bottom of your list of things to do.

Here are 5 ways to get motivated and keep yourself motivated to exercise.

1. Sign up for an event. There are plenty of 5k and 10k walk/runs out there or you could even sign up for a triathlon. This will be setting a goal for yourself. Once you sign up, you will have a specific date on which the event takes place, and this can be great motivation to exercise on a regular basis. Especially if your sign up for a triathlon, you will need to train to complete the event. The feeling of satisfaction you get as you cross the finish line will be amazing!



If you’re really feeling brave, sign up for a triathlon. The upcoming race will give you huge motivation! Image from

2. Remind yourself often why you are doing this. Motivation is only maintained by motive. What is your motive for undertaking this life changing health plan? Is it to look more attractive, to live longer, to play with your kids more often? You need to know the why and be absolutely sure about it. Then you consistently remind yourself of the why, and motivation will be much easier to maintain.

Motive is the key to motivation, are you exercising to be able to keep up with your kids? Image from TCF

2. Get an at-home fitness program. For some people exercising at the gym is intimidating because there is a lot of equipment there and we may not know how to use some of the machines without hurting ourselves. There are also membership fees and certain hours of operation. So getting an at-home program, you can fit your workouts into your schedule much easier.

3. Find a workout buddy. With some support system, you will have a better chance of continuing exercise. Knowing that someone is waiting for you to go out and exercise is great motivation to show up and get it done. Your workout buddy will help you stay accountable and vice versa.

A workout buddy is a great way to keep both of you motivated. Image from Observer

4. Work out listening to your favourite music. Exercising can have a fun side. Turn the radio on or listen to your iPod. You can make a playlist that starts with your favorite song at the time, then put a few more upbeat and high energy songs for the middle of your workout, and as you wind down you can put some slower songs at the end of your playlist. Your workouts will be longer and more enjoyable if you are listening to music.

5. Reward yourself. When you achieve a task or make a breakthrough in your business, you should reward yourself. Set yourself goals and decide on what you will reward yourself with once that task is complete. For example, if you are finished writing your daily blog, and it’s something you struggle with allow yourself to take some time off working as a reward. You will be motivated to get it finished!

Exercising helps to build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Exercising also helps women control their weight, build lean muscle and reduce body fat. When you begin an exercise program, you should start out slowly. This way you will be less likely to burn yourself out. Try starting with ten minutes of exercise and gradually increase how long you exercise and the intensity of your exercise. If you start small and use these tips to keep yourself motivated when exercising, then you will be able to complete a marathon or triathlon in just a couple of months!