What Benefits Chemical Suppliers Should Offer

Chemical suppliers are excellent resources for many industries, like the construction industry, oil industry and water treatment industry. When selecting a chemical supplier, industrial companies should look for suppliers that offer certain benefits to ensure that they receive the best service possible, like custom blending, packaging and delivery. A respectable and dependable supply company should provide all of these accommodations for their client’s convenience and satisfaction.


Custom Blending:

The ideal chemical supply company should be prepared to make custom chemical blends for their clients. The company should be equipped to do high volume orders using industrial-sized blend tanks in a large facility. To ensure that the facility is assembled with the proper appliances and follows the necessary safety precautions, it should be ISO 9001 certified — which means the quality management meets all the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. A chemical supply company should highly prioritize their client’s privacy when it comes to their product — the company CCC Chemicals stresses the importance of confidentiality and discretion by protecting their client’s formula with an NDA. Clients are reassured by the protection of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, knowing that their formulation will be safeguarded and that their intellectual property will be secured.


A chemical supply company that wants to give their clients exceptional customer service, should offer the option to package their products. The facilities should be equipped with the materials to bag or package the chemical products safely, and label the materials according to the specific instructions of the client. In addition to offering custom packaging, a supply company with a large facility should have the option to store products until they are needed. The chemical products can be placed in a safe and regulated storage facility or warehouse suited for industrial-sized orders, until the client needs the products delivered.


A chemical supplier should have superior transportation and delivery included as part of their service, especially considering the size and sensitivity of the chemical products. The company should be equipped with an abundance of tank trucks ready to deliver the products to the desired location in bulk. The drivers should be professionally trained in the transportation of dangerous goods, considering how many of the chemical products being driven are highly sensitive — drivers must be fully adept at delivering substances that could be flammable, corrosive, explosive and otherwise hazardous. In order to ensure that the delivery goes smoothly, all vehicles must be equipped with a GPS to reach the correct location as soon as possible.

While it is important for chemical supply companies to provide cost effective solutions and chemical supplies for products, they must also provide excellent customer service in order to benefit their clients. A supplier should exceed expectations by offering benefits like chemical blending, packaging and delivery with incredible care and discretion. When an industrial company chooses a supplier that offers these benefits, they are choosing a supplier that show that they truly value their clients.