Algoma University

About the University 

The way Algoma University sees it, size really isn’t everything. Which is understandable, given that Algoma is no less than the smallest university in the country! Previously affiliated with Laurentian University since 1965, Algoma University went fully independent in 2008 and has been delivering the most incredible results ever since.

While there’s much to be said for the larger-sized college experience, Algoma University is all about the more personal, intimate approach to education. Smaller class sizes, one-on-one tuition and relentless commitment to the success of each and every student without exception. Which with its total student population of just 1,400 is something Algoma University can deliver better than any other college in Canada!

Courses and Programs 

With class sizes that never exceed 75 students, Algoma University really does offer a uniquely personal experience. The course catalogue itself is limited to around 30 programs, with a firm focus on quality over quantity.

A selection of some of the most popular programs available include Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Community Development, Community Economic and Social Development (CESD), Computer Science, Economics, English and Film, Environmental Science, Finance and Economics, Geography and Geology, History and Philosophy, Law and Justice Music, Political Science and Psychology. There are also various satellite programs available in Brampton and Timmins, Ontario.

Tutors make every effort to get to know their students on a first-name basis and place the heaviest possible emphasis on hands-on learning. What’s more, Algoma University now offers a range of distance learning and online study opportunities for those unable to commit to full-time education.

Fast Facts and Info 

Algoma University enjoys a prominent position just a few hundred meters from the United States border – a great college for anyone looking to explore and enjoy two countries at once. More than 50% of students are employed by the university during their studies, while tuition fees and general living costs are kept considerably lower than national averages.

In terms of employment rates, an impressive 88.5% of Algoma University graduates secure jobs within six months of leaving the college. Algoma continues to bill itself as the kind of college that focuses on employability and careers above all else – the figures suggesting they’re delivering as promised!

Contact Information 

Anyone looking for more information on the course catalogue, student life or anything to do with the Algoma experience can head over to the official website at for further details. Alternatively, questions and queries can be directed to the university using the following information:

Algoma University
1520 Queen Street East
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6A 2G4

Main Phone: 705-949-2301
Toll Free: 1-888-ALGOMA-U (1-888-254-6628)
Fax: 705-949-6583

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