Best Places to Travel in Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada is home to some of the most frequently visited cities in North America. Offering a myriad of opportunities to experience multiculturalism, great food, stunning landscapes, and so much more, the cities on the eastern seaboard are as tempting to live in as they are to visit. 

Here is a list of the best places to travel to in Eastern Canada for travelers and aspiring homeowners. 

1. Toronto

Perhaps the most popular city for tourists in Canada, Toronto offers an abundance of opportunities for fun, enrichment, and relaxation. The profound diversity and multiculturalism makes for some of the best cuisine and dining experiences in the world. There are countless architectural marvels, enjoyable festivals, museums with expansive collections, and more. Not to mention that the city is walkable, which is excellent for those who prefer to navigate their excitement on foot. 

2. Montreal

Montreal is a dynamic city with a rich cultural heritage. One of the biggest attractions for travelers is their array of festivals, of which there are nearly one hundred every year, including the Fantasia Film Festival, Mondial de la Bière, and Pop Montreal. Museums are abundant, including Musée d’Art Contemporain and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The city will also be a delight for artistic sightseers, with resplendent mansions and distinctive buildings with French architecture. 

3. Halifax

This city in Nova Scotia has a historic and spectacular waterfront and one of the busiest ports on the North American east coast. Travelers can visit the Halifax Seaport Market and Maritime Museum of the Atlantic if they are keen on nautical findings, food, and history. Point Pleasant Park is also an ideal place to visit for sea-lovers, where many visitors have oceanside picnics and hike. 

4. Quebec City

This city is arguably the most beautiful place to visit in Canada when it comes to architecture. Embodying all the historic appeal of a rural Middle-European town, Quebec City is a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site. The culture is largely francophone with a hint of North American. The greatest draw to the city is its status as a dining mecca, where master chefs and famous restaurants are more artist than chef in their melding of influences from French, North American, British, and Indigenous cuisines. 

5. St. John’s

St. John’s is a five-hundred year old city in Newfoundland and Labrador with an expansive cultural history. When hearing the name “Newfoundland,” most Americans might initially think of the giant fluffy dog; however, with a visit to this region, their associations with the gorgeous area will expand in light of the great offerings. Tourists will find great joy seeing Jelly Bean Row, Quidi Vidi Village, Signal Hill, and countless other places. 

6. Ottawa

The capital city of Canada is home to beautiful Gothic structures overlooking the Ottawa River, the expansive Canadian Museum of Nature, and the serene Major Hill Park. It is also a hub of entertainment, culture, and excellent opportunities in various job sectors. If you’re looking to move to the eastern side of Canada, you are likely to find the greatest life-pleasure balance here and would benefit from looking at Ottawa homes for sale