Best Places To Visit In Spain

Located in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, Spain is the ultimate cultural and party destination in the world. The diversity of the country does not just end with its geography but also holds good for its culture and heritage. Whether it is the eye-catching architecture of Catalonia or the passionate dance form of Andalusia, Spain is a complete package of surprises and delight for both old and young.

Commuting around the country is equally convenient as the country provides an excellent transport system. Trains are the much-preferred mode of transport here as the Barcelona to Madrid train takes about two and a half hours to connect the two major cities. The high-speed trains offer a comfortable, reliable and pocket-friendly choice of commute in the country. The following cities can be easily reached via the AVE trains.


The Catalonian capital is popularly known for its modern architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The world famous Antoni Gaudi structures in the city are one of the most visited sites in Europe. Barcelona is also a hub for the amazing wine and tapas retreats and art coalitions. Numerous white sand beaches lure tourists to the city for a sun-kissed vacation.

2. Madrid

The capital city of Spain is centrally located. Here, one can enjoy the grandeur of the Royal Palace, the Baroque structures and various art museums. Madrid serves as the country’s fashion capital, and therefore, one should head to Gran Via to indulge in a shopping spree. You can choose to admire Renaissance art or enjoy a game of football with Real Madrid at the gigantic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

3. Seville

The lovely Mediterranean city of Seville serves as the capital of Andalusia where the graceful dance form of Flamenco was invented. Seville is renowned for its lively atmosphere and incredible history. One can take a peek into the Moorish Empire by visiting the famous Alcazar Palace and the Gothic cathedral. Do not forget to catch a game of bullfighting when in Seville.

4. Bilbao

Located amidst luscious mountainscapes in the northern part of the Basque country, Bilbao is a prominent port city that is also well-known for the Guggenheim Museum. The city boasts of having its own language and cultural order that differs greatly from the rest of Spain. The city has contemporary architecture and good economic hold on the country. Be a part of one of their cultural festivals to appreciate the uniqueness of the region.

5. Valencia

Valencia is a futuristic city known for its competence in the field of arts and science. The city is home to several planetariums and museums, in case you are interested in an educational tour. Modern structures in the city are a treat to view and so is their invention of the scrumptious paella. A lot of outdoor activities and day trips are available for tourists around the city’s outskirts.

Spain is rich in history, culture, regional disparity and cuisine. However, despite these differences, the country offers a lot to tourists and unites them with its incredible nightlife. Blend into the extraordinary lifestyle of Spain this season and have an out of the world experience.