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Hails! Now if you expect me to tell you everything about the ancient room than you are going to be disappointed because it is impossible. But I aim to show you the best monuments of Rome on this site and link them to history politics, bloodshed, emperors, religion, and the whole thing. Now we have got four significant dates for our tour. By the way, I used to be a painter; I want to know if you know what happened but no pressure. Date one 754 BC, anyone knows what happened on the palatine Hill?. It was Romulus killed his brother Remus; do you want to know why, of course, yes, that is why we all are here. There are many stories about this incident like Romulus put up a wall. When Remus jumped over the fence, he died. Later which consider an assign from the god of Power and destiny? In proportion to St Jerome, Due to Remus’s ridicule and unacceptable behavior, one of Romulus supporters slew him by lobbing spade at his head. Therefore, Romulus amalgamated his authority and city got name after his name. This reason palatine is so essential. Later, emperors build a palace here Muellers become the first king of seven kings of Rome the same as seven hills, Still, then 510 BC Rome converted into completely different political institutions beginning with another republic. Now it only took the Romans about two hundred years to transform it from a small group of villages into something like politically, socially together as one to form as a republic. The reason behind their quick change was they were inspired by ancient Greece. In actual, they stole a lot from ancient Greece. You know what people build the different things differently at different times, but when we explore them, we do time traveling, so during our time travel journey, I will be telling you in which time exactly we are in. Thus Rome had a fantastic eleven-century civilization.

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