Signs That You’re Already a Hoarder and What to Do About It

When someone accuses you of being a hoarder, you feel offended. You think that it’s a heavy term to use against you. You keep making excuses about your actions. You say that you’re not hoarding, but only collecting certain items. You also think that no one should dictate to you what you can keep at home. These reasons might be valid, but you have to change at some point. You need to realize the fact that you’re already a hoarder. If you accept it, you will take the right steps to change. 

You can barely move around your house

It’s unfortunate if you can’t move easily around your house anymore. You built a home, so there’s a place where you can feel comfortable. It’s already chaotic elsewhere, so you need a safe space. If your house doesn’t give you that comfort, it’s a problem. You also know that you can ask for help from junk removal services like the ones offered by Evergreen Junk Removal in Jacksonville. Despite the availability of such services, you refuse help and insist on keeping your things. 

You don’t know what to do with the things

You will eventually realize that a lot of things at home start to pile up. When you consider these things as a collection, you need to organize them properly. You also have to keep them in the right places. If you don’t, it means that they don’t have any value. They’re trash, and you decided to keep them anyway. 

Everything has a sentimental value for you 

The reason why you can’t let go of your things is that you think they have sentimental value. Each item has a story. It might be true, but it could also be a ridiculous excuse. You’re a hoarder, so you find an excuse not to throw away anything at all. You even come up with a back story for every item that you don’t want to throw away. 

You have no reason for keeping some things 

You go through all the things in your room, and you realize that some of them don’t have any function at all. Some of them are newspapers from the ’80s, and they’re no longer relevant. Others are clothes that are too tight for your current size, and you have no chance of going back to your old size ever again. It means that you have underlying issues, and you need to address them. Being unable to let go of your past and manifesting it through the things you keep isn’t good for your mental health. 

You’re unhappy, but you can’t let go

You’re generally unhappy with your home. You don’t like how dirty your house looks. You also don’t feel at ease even when you’re at home. Despite that, you have a hard time to let go of these things. It shows that you have a deep problem, and you need to be honest with yourself. 

You can’t continue this way. You have to start changing now and address all possible issues you’re dealing with in your life. The problem could become worse than simply hoarding if you don’t change now.