Bob Mims Memphis on Finding Great Hidden Golf Getaways

If you love golf, like Bob Mims Memphis does, then you are likely to spend a lot of time researching where to go for your next game. The state of Tennessee is quickly becoming one of the greatest golf destinations and for good reasons. One of those reasons is that you can play golf here for a steal and that Tennessee is reasonably easy to reach for anybody, whether you live in Louisville or in some distant Alaskan community.

Why Bob Mims Memphis Loves Tennessee for Golf

Bob Mims became involved in golf at university. What he noticed was that golf was very much for everybody. From the kid facing an arrest after a shoplift to the CFO surgically attached to the latest report, from the celebrity always on the news to a member of a small foundation cited for doing good, and from the owner of various international sports clubs to the guy who was fired last August for not following some important guideline, the sport truly is for everybody. This is particularly true in Tennessee, where there are some absolutely awesome opportunities to play golf. Those include:

  1. Fairfield Glade, which is in Crossville, TN. This offers fantastic weather, unique layouts, and terrific conditions. There are five courses to choose from (Druid Hills, Heatherburst Crag, Stonehenge, Dorchester, and Heatherhurst Brae), with lots of different holes. Many of these holes are in wooded areas because they are found on the Cumberland Plateau. However, all the hazards have been very strategically placed, which means this truly is a location to improve your skills.
  2. Tellico Village, just 20 minutes away from Knoxville. It is a retirement community with three main courses, being Tanasi, Kahite, and Toque. Other great courses in the vicinity include Avalon, Rarity Pointe, and Rarity Bay. The holes are placed around a lake and very challenging as well as being very long. This is where you can figure out whether you have the right clubs and which ones to use when. One of the great things about these courses is that they are also incredibly beautiful.
  3. Smoky Mountain Golf, which is beautiful, unique, and incredibly challenging at the same time. It is found near Pigeon Forge and you can play for as little as $30. Plus, there are some fantastic luxury lodges available here, which means you can enjoy a real vacation as well. Make sure you check out Gatlinburg Golf Course, where the 12th hole, a par 3, is not to be missed. The drop between tee and green is 200 feet! Other options include the Millstone Golf Club, Ruggles Ferry, Bent Creek, Dandridge, and Patriot Hills. The scenery here is also out of this world.

These are just three of the options available to you if you want to play golf in Tennessee. They are Bob Mims’ personal favorites, but there are many more to choose from. But what impresses him the most, as stated, is that golf truly is for everybody.