Business Essentials: Building a Successful Marketing Strategy and Plan

The ultimate goal of every business is to turn a profit. In order to turn a profit, a business must attract new customers and keep existing customers returning for more. The best way to achieve these goals is to set up and implement a good marketing strategy and plan.

JJ’s House and VeryVoga are two of the world’s leading online fashion retailers. Each brand has managed to attract customers from around the globe by developing effective marketing strategies and implementing equally effective marketing plans. Read on for some tips on building a successful marketing strategy and plan.

Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Plan

While a marketing plan will shift and evolve over time based on current market trends and customer demands, a marketing strategy is a longer-term, big picture plan that includes elements like information on the target customer, key marketing messages and the company’s value proposition. These elements will feed into the marketing plan to help get the message across and attract target customers. The marketing plan deals with creative advertising elements and the platforms used to distribute them along with key messages to potential customers.

Technological Advertisements

Advertisements are a key element in any marketing plan. While advertising platforms used to consist of television, radio and print, today there are many technological platforms to place advertisements on. In order to make the most of your ad campaign, you need to first decide who your target customer is and where they spend most of their time. Advertisements can be found anywhere from Facebook to websites to apps, games and more.

Working with Influencers

Working with influencers is a very effective modern marketing strategy. Influencers are people who have thousands to millions of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. When they mention a product or service to their followers, their followers tend to take their recommendations and try the same product or service themselves.

Look for an influencer who would genuinely believe in your products or services. Send samples for them to try and inform them about your brand and what you’re selling like ViewsExpert sells fake views. If you can get an influencer on board to advertise your brand, you’re certain to get some new customers.

Offer Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Everyone wants to save some money, so offering promotions is an excellent part of an effective marketing plan. Offer a product or service at a price that can’t be beat, and you’ll definitely attract some new customers. If you offer constant promotions, customers will be more likely to return for more.

Volunteer Activity and Donations

People appreciate brands that have good values, so participating in volunteer work and making charitable donations is another effective way to attract customers. Volunteer work can get your team out and socializing with the community, which will naturally draw new customers to your brand. Giving donations is also attractive to many people who will want to be a part of a brand that’s associated with honesty and caring.

Building a successful marketing strategy and plan is a constant work in progress. You should always be analyzing your progress and making changes for the most effective strategies. Start with some of the tips above and you’ll have a winning plan in no time.