What Are The Benefits of In-House Solvent Recycling Systems?

If you are an environmental health and safety manager working in manufacturing, you will no doubt have heard quite a lot about solvent waste, and solvent recycling systems. Most of the recommendations around these systems are different from the majority of solutions which we are offered in this industry, which usually include paying for someone to come and recycle or dispose of various waste products from the manufacturing process. With solvents however, we are encouraged to invest in solvent recycling systems, and then dealing with our solvents in-house. If you are at all skeptical about this then you shouldn’t be, it is a wonderful option for your business which will bring a great many benefits, let’s take a look at the positives which installing such systems will bring.


The cost attached with purchasing and disposing of solvents can be very expensive for manufacturers, which is why recycling on-site makes so much sense. This is truer given the fact that manufacturing requires clean solvents to ensure high efficiency, constantly buying new solvents will be costly, not to mention the costs of disposal. When you recycle solvents in-house however, you will be buying far less solvents, and removing the costs attached with having these solvent disposed of. Furthermore, if solvents are contaminated during the manufacturing process, you will no longer need to have the hazardous product removed, as you will be able to recycle it.

Legal Exposure

There is legal exposure attached to the disposal of hazardous waste such as solvents. This procedure takes up a lot of company time through filling out paperwork to remain compliant with EPA standards, plus the risk of falling short of these standards and facing fines or penalties. To simply reduce this exposure, and give more time to the business rather than filling out paperwork, installing solvent recycling systems is the ultimate solution.


Another aspect of in-house recycling of solvents which has proved to be highly popular is the ability to control the clarity and purity of the solvents. The quality of the solvent which you buy are not controlled by you, but  through the recycling process you will be able to carry out your own quality control, and ensure that the product is to the level which you expect, and the level which provides the best solvent for your manufacturing processes.


Beyond the cost, the time saving and the reduction in legal exposure, you will also be doing a great deal towards ensuring that your company is more sustainable and more environmentally friendly if you install these systems. With more and more demand on manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of waste which they are producing, now is the perfect time to take eco-friendly action against the solvents which you use.

In just a few years, recycling solvents in-house will be the normal procedure for manufacturers, and now is the perfect time for you to get ahead of the curve.