Charles D’Angelo Fees – How Much Should You Pay For Fitness?

If you want to get in shape then you are probably wondering how much it will cost you and the truth is that it is going to be different for each person. I was looking recently at some online courses where you get training plans and meal plans for your healthy lifestyle, and it is amazing just how wildly those prices vary. I was actually having a conversation with someone the other day about the Chris D’Angelo fees for his online course and in comparison to many they are incredibly reasonable. The big question behind all of this is how much should you pay for fitness, and here is what I think about that particular theme. 

What Do You Have?

Nobody should ever put themselves under financial pressure in order to get healthy, especially when there are so many options which don’t require massive investment. This is why there is really no set price for how much money you should be spending on your health because in truth it does really come down to what you have. The one thing I would say is to look at how much money you are spending on unhealthy habits and foods and transfer that into spends on healthier options. 


The health and wellness industry is worth billions and because some people are aware of the lengths that some will go to in order to get in good shape they will seek to make money off that. This is why you must always be careful about the stuff that you are buying for exercise or indeed the foods which you eat. For example you may find a skipping rope for $5 in one store but if you go to a higher end store you’ll find one for $25 with features on it which nobody really needs. Keep your eyes peeled for these kind of things as they really dome the cost of being healthy far higher than they need to be. 

What Do You Want?

Gym memberships are not cheap and much of what you should spend on gyms will be determined by what you actually want to achieve. The benefits of gyms are of course things like access to the machines and the motivation which being a member of a job provides you with. If however you are someone who can easily motivate themselves then there may not be a need to go and pay an expensive gym subscription and you may very well be better off investing that money in high quality health foods rather than your monthly subscription. 

One overwhelming thing which I must say here is that the cost of medical treatment for diabetes or for health issues related to being unfit and overweight will far outweigh any money which you spend on your health, so be sure to keep that big picture in mind. In terms of how much you should pay, that comes down to you, your goals and your financial situation.