Why Manufacturers Of Personal Care Products Should Choose An Innovative Ingredient Supplier

Cosmetic manufacturers need raw materials in order to complete their formulas for personal care products. The choice of which ingredients make all the difference in a product as they are able to make products last longer, work more effectively and feel softer for their customers. In order to get these essential ingredients, manufacturers of personal care products should partner with ingredient suppliers.

Manufacturers should trust in an experienced company like CCC Ingredients to help them get the ingredients that they need. CCC Ingredients is a dedicated ingredient supplier that has been working with the personal care industry for over twenty-five years. CCC Ingredients is a division of Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited, which has been operating for almost one hundred years. They are known for globally sourcing innovative ingredients and solutions for manufacturers of personal care products —

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The company carries ingredients that can help with multiple markets within the personal care industry like antiperspirants, bath salts, body washes, creams, lotions, cleansers and facial masks. These products require a variety of materials to make them more effective and enjoyable — for example, colour ingredients are needed for cosmetics and exfoliant ingredients are needed for facial scrubs. Other ingredient categories include acidulants, antiseptics, bleaching agents, botanical extracts, emulsifiers, essential oils, fatty acids, foam boosters, preservatives and surfactants.

For a personal care manufacturer, one of the major benefits of partnering with CCC Ingredients is that they are a distributor of a wide range of solutions. CCC Ingredients has an immense portfolio of ingredients sourced from leading suppliers from around the world like Honeywell, Momentive and AkzoNobel. Instead of going to a number of vendors to get several ingredients for products, a manufacturer can simply partner with CCC Ingredients and get all of the materials that they need. Having access to an experienced supplier’s portfolio of resources is the ultimate convenience, as a manufacturer will be more organized and efficient if they don’t have to depend on too many companies and deadlines to make a single product formula.

Other benefits that a manufacturer can appreciate:

  • A Technically Oriented Commercial Team
  • Knowledge Of Significant Market Trends
  • Efficiency And Safety
  • Strong Customer Service

A manufacturer of personal care products should look for an innovative ingredient supplier like CCC Ingredients because they will offer a wide variety of high-quality resources under one portfolio. The company also provides superior customer service, awareness of market trends and years of industry experience. Choosing a supplier like CCC Ingredients will be beneficial for the company and for the company’s products. With the help of an innovative supplier, a company can be sure that their product will be ideal for customer consumption, whether the product is hand lotion, body wash or a face mask.