Checklist Entries For When You Want That Perfect Night Out

When you’re young, a good night out on the town sounds like an excellent way to spend a free evening.  You could go out without a purpose, plan, or cause, and hope for the best. You could also set yourself up for a fantastic night of fun without the regretful next morning.  

Believe it, or not; There is a responsible way to let loose and party.  Check out a few checklist entries for when you crave that perfect night out, and save yourself the possibility of chaos and dishevelment.  

Make sure you’re not short on cash

You’ll need some hard cash to get through a night out on the town.  Cover charges for the bar, tipping your waitress, and paying the parking meters all typically take cash.  Hit up the ATM before you head out, and take out some disposable cash for your adventures.  

Don’t carry more cash than you really need, though.  If you’re planning on drinking with friends, you could run the risk of losing your dollars.  Only take what you need, and save yourself the gasp of looking at your bank account the next day.  

Drink plenty of water throughout the evening

Whether you drink while you’re out, or not, you should be drinking water.  If you drink alcohol during your adventures, water becomes even more vital to a successful evening.  Drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you empty will help your body process the poison a little easier.  

Drinking water will also lower your chances of dealing with a hangover the next morning.  A hangover is a result of your body being flooded with sugars and dried up from all the alcohol.  Water helps reverse the damage.  

Choose the right set of friends 

The people you choose to keep you company on your evening out can make the difference between a great night and a terrible tragedy.  

Choose people you can truly trust, as you know your drunk self doesn’t have quite as excellent judgement as your sober self.  Don’t put yourself in a questionable or ‘iffy’ situation when you know your mind will be altered. It’s not safe.  

Don’t restrict yourself to one location

A great night out doesn’t have to be restricted to one location.  The key is to follow the rules for traveling while you’re a little boozy.  Don’t drink and drive.  Have a designated driver or call an Uber.  Whatever you have to do to travel safely will make the night better and save you a trip to the local jail.  

Make sure you have plenty of time to sleep 

Never plan a party night when you have to wake up for work or for the kids the next morning.  Free up plenty of time for you to sleep off whatever you put into your body the night before, and wait until you’re back to full speed to schedule anything meaningful for yourself.