How to Choose the Best Dancewear for Girls


Becoming a dance expert goes far beyond great routines, hard work and dedication. You also need the right dancewear to really stand out, be comfortable, and feel like you’re 100% at your best while rehearsing, auditioning or performing in front of a live audience.

Comfort is incredibly important in this situation, but high-quality pieces are also essential. They need to stand up to the rigors of dancing and also fit within your strict budgetary frame.

With that in mind, we’re going to discuss how to choose a wide variety of budget friendly, fabulous dancewear options. So let’s get to it.

Choosing the Right Dancewear for Ballet

As far as ballet dancewear is concerned, it’s necessary to find pieces that are attractive, comfortable, and fit within your budget. Otherwise you’ll end up buying dancewear that doesn’t fit right, doesn’t look right, and possibly even costs too much. We don’t want you to spend unnecessary time adjusting your clothing during rehearsals when you should be focusing on your performance instead, right?

When choosing ballet dancewear, take your measurements before searching for high quality dancewear at affordable prices. By measuring yourself first, you’ll have an easier chance of finding high quality clothing that fits perfectly.

According to Just for Kix, a website selling dancewear for girls, “When you’re buying dancewear undergarments, it’s important to consider your body type. Some dancers are petite, but many are not. And choosing the right undergarments can make a big difference in how comfortable and secure you feel while practicing or performing.”

Ballerinas will most likely require tights, leotards, and even ballet shoes. Ballet shoes are particularly important to get right. To make sure they are completely comfortable, choose ballet shoes that are one and a half to two sizes smaller than the street shoes you normally wear. By choosing the size this way, your ballet shoes should fit perfectly. If they’re still a little loose, go down an additional size and test the comfort level again.

Choosing the Perfect Dancewear for Tap

Very similar to ballet, tap dancers also need tights and leotards. Older children and adults will get by perfectly fine with a simple, appropriate black leotard. Younger dancers on the other hand might prefer to have a more colorful dance costume. It all comes down to personal preference and taste.

Another essential garment is thick, footed tights. This is especially true when the dancer is wearing tap shoes. Additionally, there are many different styles of tap shoes to choose from. Some of the various styles and different options include: tap shoes with ribbon ties, tap shoes with a buckle, tap shoes with a low heel, full sole tap shoes, split toe tap shoes, high-heel tap shoes, snap button tap shoes, and more.

When you’re at a point of buying new tap shoes, the most important thing to consider is whether or not they fit correctly. Make sure you buy a pair that are comfortable so your feet do not feel constricted, cramped, or worse. If your tap shoes are too tight, your feet are going to hurt, you’ll be a lot less effective on the dance floor, and your performance will needlessly suffer.

Picking the Best Dancewear for Jazz

You may have a specific dress code depending on your jazz dance studio. For girls, tights and a leotard are typically a requirement. For boys, jazz pants are usually the norm, but girls are permitted to wear them sometimes as well. Speak with your instructor to find out more about specific requirements and choose comfortably fitting clothing and shoes based on the instructor’s recommendations.


Please use this brief guide to choose the best dancewear for girls.