Makeup Tips Everyone Should Know

Many women wear makeup, some wear a little others wear a lot, but knowing how to best apply different types of makeup and what to do to make it look the best is an important part of learning how to wear different products. Form foundation to blush to lipstick, different types of makeup require different techniques in order to get it to look just right. So here are five tips every girl should know that can change her look and how she puts on wears makeup.


Foundation and Concealer

Use your fingers when you want to apply your foundation in such a way that you get a light sheer coverage. You should use a makeup brush or sponge applicator if you are looking for a more polished and full coverage. You must never use either concealer or foundation as a base for your eyelids and under your eyes because it has a habit of making your eye makeup clump and crease.


Powder and Bronzer

Always apply facial powder after using concealer or foundation. Start applying in the areas of your face where you are shiniest first; all other areas of your face should have a light dusting that helps even out the skin done and look. You should apply any bronzer that you want to use on your neck, face, and chest as it can help even skin tones and give you a more natural look and help facial makeup blend easier into your neck and chest.


Eye Makeup

Always be sure to apply your brow pencil towards the middle of your makeup routine so it is not overly bold and obvious but also so it does not get covered by all the other makeup. Focus on the upper portion of the eyebrow as this helps to lift your face up and give you a more youthful look. Always begin at a base shadow that has no shine for your eye-liner and make sure it fits your skin tone well. Build from there with the color accents you want to use on your upper an lower eyelids.



When you are ready to start applying blush, the first step is to give a normal and natural smile, While still smiling, start apply blush the darkest on the apple or top most round area of the cheek. Then work with lighter tones and blend the blush around to the top of the ear, then work your way down toward the jawline. By the time you hit the ears and jawline you should barely be using any blush at all on the brush.

Lip Makeup

The final must know makeup tip is to always make sure your lipstick is not put on too dark and that he coverage is even across the full form of your lips. Be sure to press down firmly and evenly as you apply so you get full and even coverage. Depending on the look you are going for you can use a makeup pencil to edge out your lips in a color that is one or two shades darker than your lipstick shade to help you lips stand out.

The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell