How to Choose Dining Room Chairs

Dining Room Chairs

Designing a dining room is a really pleasant experience, but it can also be an annoying chore if you don’t plan it ahead. You don’t have to have studies in this domain, but a little bit of taste, picking quality brands, and some online research can do wonders. You just have to take into account a thing or two, and you will surely find the following list useful:

Match or not?

Of course, the first tendency is to match the chairs to the table or to choose all chairs the same model. They don’t have to look all the same, as long as you feel they belong there. This is great since you have the chance to reuse some of the old chairs, and they will look lovely, especially if you recondition them. However, if you go for mismatched chairs, make sure they do have at least a thing or two in common, such as the height. After all, you don’t want one guest to look up to everybody else.

Another interesting thing you can do when decorating is to choose host chairs for dining room. Different chairs placed on the ends of the dining room table will allow you more liberty to choose various styles and to combine them in your own personal manner.

Pay attention to measurements

Even though you particularly like one chair or another, think if it fits with the table and the room you have. If the room in itself is quite small, it’s useless to go for huge chairs that will only take away from the already limited space you have. Similarly, if the room is extremely large, there’s no need to go for small chairs that may even be uncomfortable for your guests.

Test them before

If you’re lost and don’t know what exactly should you buy, you can go anytime to the store and test the furniture. Grab a measurement tool with you and go ahead! Measure the table you have at home, and don’t forget to take into account the extra space you want to offer your guests. See how tall the chair is, how much space it allows and how many people using that particular model can sit at your table.

Material and upholstery

Some people prefer upholstered chairs, some don’t. Depending on the style you have in the rest of the room, you should consider going for the adequate type. Keep in mind that leather is a reliable material, and looks good over years, while microsuede and cotton are more practical, being easy to clean and offering lots of options when it comes to colors and patterns. Removable cushions are an excellent idea as well, if you have kids or pets and you know you’ll need to wash the cushions often.