Alexis Fecteau – How to Stay Busy At Home

Right now we are living in tough times with the Coronavirus situation which is of course forcing many people to stay at home. This situation will pass of course, in fact you may very well be reading this after it has all calmed down, but there is a common theme here which remains and that is being able to entertain one’s self. My buddy Alexis Fecteau has always been great in his own company and we were chatting the other day about how so many people genuinely find it difficult to wile away the time when they are not with people or when they are not out and about. Entertaining yourself is a wonderful skill and here are some tips on how you can stay busy at home.

Learn Something New

Many people may point to a number of things that you can use to entertain yourself but in reality these are often lazy activities which will certainly pass the time, but often that is all they will do. Instead of just watching the hours fly by when you are at home, why not instead look to use this time to do something a little more positive and learn something new. Thanks to the internet you can learn all manner of things whilst you are at home from picking up a new language to playing a musical instrument.


Very often cooking becomes something which we don’t enjoy but rather do because we know that we have to ear, but cooking can in fact be a great deal of fun. Many of us have been there before, looking at recipes and realizing that we just don’t have the time to spend on putting that great meal together, well now you do have the time and there is no reason why you cant invest some of that time at home into creating a delicious meal from scratch.


Reading is something that many of us are not guilty of doing enough of, and staying at home gives us the perfect time to get stuck into a book which we’ve had on our wish list for a while. When you read, no matter if it is in-depth non fiction or a fantasy story, we are able to really challenge our mind and help to improve our memory, our sharpness and our vocabulary. If you first sit down to read and struggle to concentrate then don’t worry, just keep pushing through the pages and you will learn to immerse yourself in the book.

Get Arty

There is nothing to stop you from using this time to really get creative and see if you can make something useful out of nothing. This could be making some furniture for the home or upcycling some furniture which you already have, alternatively you could use the time to learn how t draw or paint. A great thing which I have found to wile away the hours is an adult coloring book, which trust me is much more difficult than you may think.

Just consider how many times you have bemoaned not being in the home when you are at work, this is your chance to do all of those things that you have previously planned.