A Closer Look: Jon Bunge

As we all love to know a little bit more about the individuals we chose to work with, or at the very least hire to work for us, it’s no surprise that with today’s current technology and internet resources, we choose to complete our own personal research before contacting the person in question. As this can be a very effective way to learn about someone before ever meeting them in person or sharing a first time phone call, we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and introduce you to Jon Bunge, a litigation specialist who prides himself on his years of experience within the field. Read more below if you are interested in learning more about his professional experience as well as his educational background.


Professional experience in and out of the office

Currently serving as a Of Counsel to the Davis & Campbell firm and practicing out of the Chicago office, Jon Bunge currently chooses to focus his practice on corporate and real estate transactions, estate administration and on commercial litigation. Because of the experience he has gained over the years, he has become well known for his litigation and corporate experience, as well as his ability to push forth rather difficult cases all while continuing his strong commitment to providing both strong and excellent client service. He is also known for his practical and appropriate approach to resolving issues.

Before becoming the Of Counsel for the Davis & Campbell firm, Jon Bunge first practiced at various different Chicago firms. These firms consisted of Keck, Mahin & Cate and Ross & Hardies. Professionally, he worked at these two firms for a combination of 40 years in total, providing him a lengthy law career. In addition, for the last thirty of these forty years, Jon Bunge held an AV rating for Martindale Hubbell. During this time, he also became and served as an instructor at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, helping others to become better within their field.

Professional accomplishments

Jon Bunge’s professional accomplishments include a long list of his memberships. These memberships include Mr. Bunge serving as a member of the American Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association and the 7th Circuit Bar Association. He is also currently a member of the Maritime Law Association, the Economic Club of Chicago and the Lawyers Club of Chicago.

A strong education to back up his professional experience

Jon Bunge graduated with a B.A. degree from Princeton University cum laude in 1958 before completing his J.D. in from Harvard Law School in 1961.

With years of proven professional experience as well as a strong educational background to suite, Jon Bunge has proven himself time and time again to be both knowledgeable and effective while working with others during various cases of ranging sizes and importance. Because of his experience and educational background, he has been able to lead cases while advising others of the best route to push forward with, a valuable quality to have in the field.