Cool Things to do in Las Vegas Aside From Gambling

Las Vegas is one of the World’s hottest tourist destinations, sat in the Mojave┬áDesert, this tiny strip of land has become a mecca of entertainment and fun. Throughout the years, Vegas has become well known for its gambling culture, casinos and casino hotel adorn the famous strip and in all honesty you will find it difficult to find a square meter of space here that isn’t occupied by a slot machine. For certain, if you are visiting Vegas, you ought to try your luck at winning in a casino but this city has far more to offer you than the spin of a roulette wheel or the roll of a dice.


Let’s take a look then at the best things to do in Vegas that aren’t related to gambling.

See The World in a Day

Such is the exuberance of Las Vegas you can actually see pretty much the 7 wonders of the World within a day. From Statue of Liberty outside New York, New York hotel to the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Las Vegas hotel you can see replicas of most of the World’s iconic settings. The Venetian hotel is surrounded by a water system which you can sail around in gondolas and visit St.Mark’s square and The Bellagio Hotel has its very own replica of Italy’s Lake Como, just walking up and down the strip is an experience in itself when there are these sites on offer.

Weird Museums

Vegas is bound to show you something that you have probably never seen before and whilst it may special in entertainment and gambling, it also specializes in the weirder things in life. In Vegas there are many off-the-wall museums which you can visit if you want to add something a little bit different to your day. Visit the Pinball Hall of Fame, the Neon Museum which houses old lights and signs or even head to the Atomic Testing museum which gives you a glimpse into the Nevada Test Site.

Grand Canyon

Just a short ride outside of Vegas you will find the incredible Grand Canyon, a huge national park which features a giant crevice of land, an incredible sight which was carved out years ago by the Colorado River before it dried up. There are lots of tour companies who offer trips to the site and if you really want to see it in style then why not take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. The best place to see this incredible sight is from the air and you will not be disappointed with the views that you get from above.

Hit the Rollercoaster

If you head far enough north on the strip you will find Sahara Avenue and the Stratosphere, the tallest building in Nevada. At the┬átop of this impressive building there is a quartet of rides which will terrify you including one which will leave you perilously dangling above the strip below. As far as adventure goes, it doesn’t get more thrilling than taking a rollercoaster ride off the top of a hotel.