Great Hiking Spots Close To San Francisco


Those that live in California know that there are numerous outdoor recreational areas where hiking is possible. Tourists need to be aware of them too. San Francisco hiking opportunities allow you to get some exercise as you see some pretty beautiful natural landscapes.

It should be no surprise to see travel operators and opportunities like Capital Resorts Group focused on regions like San Francisco since the location is quite perfect. Tourists can enjoy the coast, the warmth that comes with a small community and the attitude of a big city. When talking strictly about hiking, not many options are advertised. That’s why, if you are interested in this activity, you should seriously consider the following spots.

Strawberry Hill

This hill is actually located in the Golden State Park. It is an island that is placed in Stow Lake, reaching a height of 430 feet. The hill is actually the highest possible point in the entire park. When you hike in Strawberry Hill you open the doors to a lovely place for a hike of 2 miles plus you can enjoy views of the Marin, Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown San Francisco. Views are gorgeous and you will surely have a lot of fun while hiking.

Lands’ End

Lands’ End is another great hiking spot that is enjoyed by tourists saying it is a perfect area for a wonderful workout. In the event that you get tired, you can always just stop to view the stunning Golden Gate Bridge. The hike is just three and a half miles long. If you are among the travelers interested in a tougher workout, go to Mile Rock Beach. This is where you can check out the Eagle Point Labyrinth. Alternatively, you can go down to the beach.

Bayside Trail

Although this San Francisco trail is pretty short, the workout will surely be more than you want since there are numerous stairs involved. You should not be afraid of them though since the trail is truly great. The views that you will enjoy include Marin Headlands, the ever-present Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. To make matters even more interesting, you will enjoy a history lesson since the way is practically filled with numerous gun batteries.

Fort Funston

This is a truly perfect hiking spot for those looking for some lake-shore trails. Fort Funston offers a lot of fun. It is located to the southwest of San Francisco. It is actually a part of the popular Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The trails of the park offer many ocean views for those that want to enjoy the coast’s natural beauty.

Mount Sutro

This hiking trail allows you to hike in the forest while still being in the city. You will surely love the fact that this trail is filled with ferns, green ivy and forget-me-not flowers, all perfectly set among huge eucalyptus. You basically feel as if you are in the middle of a true fantasy kingdom. Of course, you will get to see wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, as with most hikes in San Francisco.