Creating A Feature Wall In Your Livingroom

Your living room is the focal point of your home, why not create an impressive focal point in your living room with a stunning feature wall?

Feature walls are a popular decorating trend that comes in all different shapes, size and styles. With interior design becoming increasingly accessible and subsequently more experimental, a feature wall is limited to your imagination alone. They can be used to break up a room or highlight a special element such as a fireplace.

Check out the most common feature wall ideas to give you some inspiration for your own creation.

Paint A Wall

Perhaps the most traditional feature wall on our list, painting a wall allows you to create a stylish design for your room. Paint either a full wall or a section with a bright and bold paint which simultaneously stands out and complements the surrounding wall colour.

If you have a fireplace on your central wall, paint above this as an accent in your room.

Boldly painted feature walls work well with a few accessories such as small photographs, a mirror or artwork. Choose a strong colour for the wall and accessories with neutral colours for the rest of the walls. White and pastel colours always work well for this effect.

Add A Wall Mural

A wall mural is a beautiful way of creating an instantly eye-catching feature wall in your living room. With a choice of photographs, illustrations, patterns and custom prints, your possibilities are endless. A mural works well in a room with light walls, creating a standout feature.

If a mural doesn’t work in your space, you could also try out a wall sticker for a similar look.

Create A Wall Gallery

Gallery walls have exploded over the last couple of years within interior design. Gallery walls can be used to combine photographs, art and accessories into a large feature piece and they are a great way to bring your personality into your living space. Frames in different styles can be used to add to the effect.

A wall gallery works with any wall colour, simply use matching art and frames. This gives you the freedom to add a gallery to any room, no matter the style.

Put a unique spin on the trend by adding something personal to you. Choose an artist you love or some beautiful family and friend photographs to incorporate into the wall.

Show Off A Passion

Combine a feature wall with additional storage by showing off something you love. Use shelves or mount whatever you want directly to your wall.

If you’re a music fanatic, show off instruments or your music collection. If you love a particular sport, show off your sporting paraphernalia.

This can also be used to show off something you collect. If you collect postcards from every holiday location you visit, you could use picture clips to create a display. It works for almost anything, just think outside the box and get creative.

Create A Plant Wall

Adding house plants to create a feature wall is a unique and exciting form of decor. Plants can be used in a couple of ways for your focal point.

One option is to install a series of narrow shelves and add smaller potted plants to each shelf. Use quirky and designer pots for an even greater effect with this technique.

Alternatively, you could make a living plant wall. This one of a kind feature creates a block of living plants on the wall. For this, some serious DIY skills are needed as an irrigation and drainage system are needed, however, it’s well worth the effort if you’re green-fingered.

Add A Wall Hanging

Wall hangings have been used around the world for centuries as a form of decor. A large wall hanging makes a great feature, especially in a house with a traditional style. A purpose created wall hanging made from wool or yarn works well as well as a beautiful traditional rug.

Exposed Brick

If you have an industrial style home, exposed brick on a single wall has a great aesthetic. You can complement the brick with accessories such as a mirror.p or photographs.

If you’re not able to go for the real thing, you could add wallpaper with an exposed brick look. This is a better option if you’re on a budget, giving you the effect for a much smaller cost.

Final Thoughts

Feature walls can be a cost-effective, eye-catching way to decorate your living room. There’s a great deal of flexibility to choose a design that fits in with your style and desired look.

The feature wall trend is developing every day so use your imagination to create something new. Personality is key for a feature wall with character so get thinking of how you can make the trend your own.