How to Bring Your Personality into Your Living Space

There is nothing more satisfying than cozying up in our living rooms on a cold fall evening, or collapsing in front of the TV after a long day at work. Now that it is increasingly more difficult to get on the property ladder, once buyers purchase a home they are driven by a desire to customize and put their own stamp on the space. Homeowners are extremely house proud, with the average homeowner spending $60,400 on renovations according to a recent study. Fortunately, injecting your personality into your living space doesn’t require a full home renovation. Here are some quick and easy ways to personalize your space:

  1. Utilize Your Furniture

Personalize your living space by selecting unique furniture that reflects your personality. Storage cabinets are a great staple piece to include in your living room as they are multi-purpose and come in a variety of styles from industrial iron to shabby chic, so there really is something for everyone! Use the drawers and cupboards to hide away your clutter and utilize the surface space to display your favorite holiday snaps and personal items like vases and pottery. You’ll often find furnishings like this online. For example, Cox and Cox offer a wide range of designer cabinets that will add a touch of luxury into your interior. 

  1. Create Unique Collages

DIY collages are a great way to display the treasured items you have collected over the years. Shadow boxes are the perfect way to display a memory – they are deeper than a normal photo frame, allowing you to display photographs, trinkets, tickets, postcards, wristbands (or pretty much anything else!) inside the box. Hang this on the wall to display your treasured souvenirs that usually end up left in the bottom of your travel bag. You can also create photo walls which are the perfect way to personalize your space. Pick your favorite photographs and pop them into a variety of different sized frames. You can hang these in a variety of ways on the wall depending on the size of the space. Click here to read some more hints and tips on photo walls.

  1. Customize Using Color

One of the most effective ways to bring your personality into your living space is through color. Make your home vibrant using your favorite colors and don’t be intimidated by using bright and bold schemes. There are endless ways to incorporate color into your home décor. For a subtle hint, why not try adding a pop of color into your couch cushions, your curtains or lampshades? For the more daring of you, a feature wall is a great way to bring personality into your living space. Paint one of your walls in your favorite bold shade, using a complimentary neutral color on the remaining walls. The feature wall needs to be selected carefully and should be used to highlight the rooms existing focal point, for example where the mantel or TV sits. 

There are many ways to personalize your living space – from selecting unique pieces of furniture to showing off your favorite memories. Simple changes like putting up family photographs and injecting color into your space can really make your house feel like your home.