Cut Down the Cost of Your Home Utility Bills

There are lots of great ways that you can save money around the home, using things like coupons and loyalty schemes can save money on your weekly shop, going out less and inviting people to the house can save lots of money and you could even start making people’s gifts instead of buying them for additional savings. One of the biggest costs in the home however is utilities and if you really want to save money then this is where you need to be focussing. To help you out, here are our top tip for saving money on your utility costs.


Using Solar Energy

More and more people are learning about the huge benefits that solar energy can have on the home and more importantly on your electricity bills. Switching to solar has some upfront costs when it comes to installing the solar panels but they will pay for themselves with the savings that you will make. Solar panels harness the sun’s rays and converts them into electricity for the home. One such company that offers solar panels is Sunnova Solar and their customers have made an average saving annually of 20% and who wouldn’t want that! Check out the Sunnova Solar reviews to see what other great things their clients are saying about their new form of energy supply.

Lighting Solutions

When it comes to the lighting around the home, this can be one of the biggest uses of electricity and it’s important that you make some tweaks in order to save money. Simple things like turning lights off when you’re not using them can save lots of money as can switching all of your bulbs to energy saving bulbs or LEDs, these use far less electricity and last a greta deal longer than standard bulbs.

Switching Service Providers

Many utility service providers will offer great deals if you switch your services to theirs and this can give you great savings each year. Ask your own service provider if they offer any form of price matching too, that way, when you see a better price with another company, you can save the money without having to switch. Commit a few hours one day and investigate how much you are paying for your energy and what prices other companies are charging, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save.


When it comes to using less water in the home, you can do so with just a few small changes, things like taking a shower instead of a bath and turning the tap off when doing your teeth can, little by little, save you quite a bit of money each year. Make sure that there are no dripping taps or leaky pipes around the home as these will cost you a lot of money each year for water that you’re not even using. If you do find any leaking pipes then get the problem fixed as quickly as possible and ensure that you are regularly checking for this as they can often go unnoticed for some time.