Debunking the Most Common Boarding School Myths

Even today, as boarding schools continue to rise in popularity, some parents out there hesitate to send their kids away to a private school because of misconceptions surrounding boarding schools

That’s why today we are out to debunk those common myths and provide you the opportunity to rethink enrolling your child.

Top Myths Surrounding Boarding Schools

1. They Are for Troubled Kids

In the past, boarding schools were thought to be a place for unruly children that parents simply couldn’t control. Used as a form of punishment, the threat of being sent to boarding school loomed over many children’s heads.

However, as boarding schools have evolved, they have become known for being academically rigorous institutions where you send your child to succeed. The idea is that boarding school will get your child into an elite university and allow for lifelong success.

2. You Must be Rich to Attend

The stigma that only rich kids go to boarding school may have held up in the past. However, with so many options available across the country (nearly 300 to be exact), the truth is, there are several affordable options should you want to send your child to boarding school.

In addition, there are plenty of education options out there for parents looking for ways to save money. And, with this knowledge, you may have just enough to afford a high-quality boarding school.

3. Boarding Schools are Boring

You may have the impression that boarding schools are full of non-stop studying, tests, and homework. This is simply not the case with most boarding schools. In fact, many of the country’s most prestigious boarding schools offer students the chance to participate in sports that are not offered in most public high schools.

In addition, some boarding schools offer advanced performing arts programs where students can perform both in and out of school, participate in workshops and lectures with professional entertainers, and enjoy a celebration of the arts unlike most public school students who suffer at the hands of budget cuts and teacher shortages.

4. There is No Diversity

This is far from the truth. In fact, it is expected that at least through the year 2026, the percentage of white students attending boarding schools is going to continue to decline as the population of Hispanics and Asian/Pacific Islander students continues to climb.

5. There is No Free Time

One of the reasons to send your child to boarding school is so they can have professionals around to supervise at all times. However, this does not mean your child will not have free time to explore things that interest them while not in school.

Boarding schools can be demanding at many levels. That’s one of the benefits of attending. Experiencing supervised free time is not necessarily a bad thing during your teen years.

In the end, boarding schools catch a lot of slack from past misconceptions that refuse to go away. However, by doing your research, you will see that they are not that way anymore and are actually quite beneficial to every student that attends.