Helping out the Kids: Distinct Ways to Support the Younger Generation

You vividly remember elementary and high school as wonderful times of your life. As an adult, reminiscing about the “good old days” is only natural. You might see kids walking to school each day in your neighborhood. They remind you of yourself. Today’s children have a lot of challenges in school, from advanced-placement classes to tough tests for college acceptance. Get involved with your community by supporting the younger generation. There are several distinct ways that you can help out the kids for a healthy society in the future, and don’t forget to support your local teachers too. They do so much for the children every day. Donate classroom supplies whenever possible. Happy teachers translate into thrilling classrooms where children thrive.

Volunteer with a Program 

There are dozens of programs at local schools today. Cheerleading, band, drill team and other programs are crucial to student health and success. Consider some volunteer time with a program that you find fulfilling. Several tasks are always up for grabs, such as:

• Assisting the children with projects

• Handing out worksheets

• Creating projects for classroom fun

Teachers are constantly shorthanded so help from caring adults is always welcome. Simply think about your talents and passions and apply them to a classroom of your choice.

Buy Your Property 

This type of support is indirect, but extremely important for children today. Many cities have homes that are vacant. The bank might own them because of foreclosures and hard times. Without owners paying the mortgage and property taxes, the local schools suffer with lack of funds. Property taxes are the lifeblood of public schools. Ideally, try to buy a property in your local neighborhood. If you rent a property, ask your landlord about the taxes being paid into the school system. When every house is occupied and paid up with the tax collector, local schools have their base funds to efficiently run.

Play the Lottery 

Another indirect way to support children today is through the state lottery. Play lotteries online or in your local stores in order to add more funds to the program. When a person wins the lottery, schools receive part of the reward money. These funds can be substantial in size for both the winner and schools. Play responsibly as you enjoy the thrill of potentially winning and helping out the community at the same time.

Donate Your Smarts 

College-bound children have a lot of classes and assignments to get through before adulthood. Help out the kids by donating your mind. If you’re a whiz at math, volunteer your time as a tutor. Paying for professional tutoring is often a budget concern for parents. Any help in the academics is a plus for kids who have the drive to do better. Don’t forget that every subject may need some tutors, including artistic electives. Any perspective that you can offer on a subject is greatly appreciated.

Be an Active Voter 

Local elections typically include mandates for schools and their curricula. Be an active voter so that you have a say in the changes and improvements around the neighborhood. Vote for more funding when the bill is appropriate. Be vocal about bills that may not be fair to the kids. It takes a caring community to do what’s right for the next generation. Your vote makes a huge difference.