Don’t Get Cracked up by a Cracking Windscreen

So you’ve bought yourself a new car, or perhaps have opted to go for something second hand. Either way, it’s your baby – and you want to look after her. She deserves it, after all, as the relationship between you and your first or latest car has been a long time coming. It deserves to be looked after. You deserve to enjoy the fruits from it.

But what if something goes wrong? Particularly with one of the windows on the side of the car, the back windscreen or the front windscreen – these things can be tricky to negotiate when getting fixed. Car glass repair is not monkey’s business – and requires careful consideration. With all that needs to take into consideration, it’s certainly worth breaking down what to look out for across a couple of points.

New or old?

Do you want to go with old technology glass when having it replaced? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don’t, but either way, you need to know what each entails. The reality is that if you go for older technology, it might be cheaper but not as safe. Maybe the most important thing to consider is whether or not it is shatterproof. Shatter-proofing is bordering on trademarked these days, rightly so, as it’s a systematic way of avoiding serious injury in the event of the glass on your car coming into contact with danger and fragility.


In some but not all cases, one needs to avoid an excess of off cuts. It is better to have a sheet of glass that is going to be as close to an exact fit as possible, rather than one that needs to be trimmed down or, worse, scaled down. The diameter and circumference of this consideration is quite literal, not metaphorical, and one needs to trust that the person doing the measurements is a trained professional – and on cue with his various sizes on the day that you are there to have your problem fixed.

Who to hire do it?

A quick search through your local directory or, better yet, the internet via a solid search engine, will show up where to go and when. Consider distance, prices and other factors before going ahead. Reputation via word of mouth is something wonderful to experience and ponder, as then you have the backing of a different party to effectively support your decision. It’s like buying an appliance – fridge, microwave, television or kettle – you want to know the full picture of each selection on offer before going ahead.

Don’t give it a miss

Cracked glass is not something to toy with – and needs to be fixed in a flash. A small crack could soon and easily slit into something much bigger and more serious. You don’t want that happening – and that can easily prevented by acting sooner, not later. Auto emergency services are on offer, some of them operate 24 hours per day, and they can sort you out in under an hour. No mess. No fuss. Don’t delay. Those who do will probably be sorry they didn’t act sooner.