How a Leaflet Distribution Campaign can Boost Your Business’ Exposure and Sales

A properly executed Leaflet Distribution Campaign can work wonders for your business

There are many approaches to distributing your message, and in this day and age it’s tempting to think that without some form of digital approach you’re bound for failure. Nothing could be further from the truth, however; whilst digital marketing certainly has its place, the good old-fashioned way of leaflet distribution continues to amaze marketing professionals.

Direct marketing (via mail, phone, leaflets, and flyers) certainly isn’t dead – on the contrary, researchers have found that a whopping 35% of all recipients actually responded as a result of a leaflet dropped in through Royal Mail, and 30% of this led to direct sales. Direct marketing is indeed alive and kicking. Here’s how a leaflet distribution campaign can boost your business’ exposure and sales.

It’s cost-effective

Compared to other marketing efforts, leaflet distribution can be a very cost-effective way of reaching a large audience and accomplishing a great return on investment. They are easy to design, cheap to print, especially with a good folded leaflet printing service, and convenient to bring to your audience, either by handing out or through mail distribution. They’re also a great way to distribute the product into the audience’s hands simply by adding or attaching a free sample.

Have a real message

The reader is sometimes impatient with PVC banners, pop up banners, and billboards, which is why they must be designed in a very simple and striking way. With leaflets, however, you have more opportunity to bring a truthful delivery, as you can add more text. You can have a real conversation and deliver a real message.

Target a specific demographic

If you’re opening a new shop, you can target the neighbourhood. If you are aiming to attract younger people, find out where the youth lives. If you aim for the rich, you can target high-end residential areas. By doing a little background research, you can ensure you target a specific demographic without wasting resources that would otherwise be spent on the general public.

Data collection

Leaflets are an excellent way to engage in data collection, which is useful for future marketing campaigns.

Measure your success

It’s simple: you know how many leaflets have been sent, and you will be able to measure the increase in sales or tally the various responses accordingly. You can measure your success.

For as long as paper exists, there will be a place for good old-fashioned leaflet distribution – and research continues to confirm that it’s a very effective way of getting your message across. It’s cost-effective, you can choose your audience, you can collect data, and you can measure your success; these factors alone make it superior to other forms of marketing. If you’re planning to start a new marketing campaign, never forget to include the leaflet into your efforts – it’s sure to pay off.

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