Don’t do these things at the gym

Let’s talk about going to the gym. If you’re a newcomer to the gym scene, there might be a lot of things you’re not aware of yet or just don’t understand, but knowledge about most of those things will come in time. However, there are some things that it’s better to be aware of from day 1, just so you’re on the same page with the other gym members when it comes to respect towards one-another. Many people end up being offensive or doing inappropriate things in the gym simply because they’re not accustomed to the gym life, not because they’re trying to be rude intentionally. So if you had your quest-nutrition, put on your headband and set your workout playlist on shuffle, here are some things to consider as you walk into the gym.

Say hello

Many people avoid saying Hi to other people they see in the gym simply because they’re strangers and they won’t be interacting with them that much anyway. However, being respectful and saying hello will raise the spirits for everyone present in the gym and will make the place have a friendly vibe about it. When you step into the locker room as well as when you leave to go home, make sure to say Hello or Goodbye just so the other people present know that you are acknowledging them. They might even come in handy during the workout when you need someone to spot you or just need a pointer for a specific exercise you haven’t done before or just haven’t practiced that much.

Weights go on the rack

This is a mistake every newbie does at one point or another. Simply out of not knowing, people that are new to the gym will leave weights on the floor most of the time or somewhere they had taken them to work out. This is considered very rude in the gym and you should always put the weights back on the rack after you are done using them for the day. Even if you plan to return to using them later on, you can get them back from the rack again.

Don’t be a hero

The gym is the place where all the hormones are flying and kicking into overdrive, so most people want to impress their fellow gym members and use the heaviest weights or the hardest settings on machines. This will not only make you susceptible to accidents, but it will also critically diminish the efficiency of your reps because you are no longer executing the moves correctly since the weights are too heavy to lift all the way. Only use weights you can easily manage, especially if you’re alone, because you might end up trapped between the bench and the weights, pleading for people to save you, making for a funny sight.