Bringing Your Skin Back to Life: a Guide

Longing for the days when your pores and skin had a youthful radiance? Think those days are long gone?

Think again, as aging has been proven to be just another biological process. Its mechanisms are close to being exposed, so the day may soon come where over-the-counter products will be able to stall this once “inevitable” aspect of growing older.

Jeunesse has been in the lead on this matter, as their products have helped folks around the globe to regain the looks they once had.

In the article below, we’ll walk you through the process that can help restore your face to a more youthful state.

1) Absorb excess oil.

Over the course of an average day, your face picks up a shocking amount of filth – from grease at fast food joints, to microscopic air pollution out on the street. All of it acts to rob your face of its youthful appearance.

Applying toner is the first thing you should do when cleaning your face – this is done by soaking a cotton ball with product, and scrubbing your face with additional toner-soaked balls until you fail to pick up any more grime.

The amount of dirty cotton should drive home a very important point – being proactive with regards to pore and skin care is vital if you want your face to look its best.

2) Wash your face

With all the oil soaked up, you can now clean your face without spreading around surface impurities. However, the kind you’ll use depends a great deal on the skin you’ve got.

Got dry skin? Stay away from brands with alcohol or fragrances. Grapple with greasy skin on the regular? Make use of a foaming cleanser that does not contain oil.

Is sensitive skin your challenge? Make sure your cleaner is hypoallergenic and contains as few additives as possible.

3) Take out dead skin cells with a strong exfoliant

Your skin dies and get replaced on a continuous basis, but it doesn’t always proceed in an orderly manner. The older you are, the slower this process is. To speed it along, you’ll need an exfoliant.

However, note that this procedure can be hard on your skin if you do it too often. Limit yourself to four exfoliations per week; if your skin gets too red and painful, reduce the number until you figure out how much punishment your face can handle.

Your choice of exfoliant will also be influenced by the type of skin you have. There are two types of exfoliant: chemical products and mechanical. Mechanical exfoliants use tiny particles to scrape away useless skin, while chemical exfoliants use a mild acid to melt them away.

Mechanical exfoliants work well for those with oily facial skin, while chemical brands work better for those with dry skin.

4) Moisturize

After giving your face a vigorous cleaning, dampen the skin cells that remain. Don’t use oily moisturizers, as these may clog pores, use products with protect your skin from the sun, and choose products that match well with your skin type.

For example, you should favor lotions or other types of moisturizer if you have greasy skin, finding a product with hyaluranic acid should be a priority if you suffer from dry skin, and if your skin is touchy, vitamin C will help rejuvenate it.

Do this twice daily, once after waking and again before retiring for the night and you will look and feel better.