Dr Cletus Georges MD – Getting The Health Basics Right

Within the medical and health community there is very much a ‘back to basics’ approach being taken, which is something that we have moved too far away from. I was watching a brilliant interview with Dr. Cletus Georges MD last month, and the way he spoke about the basics of health were more stunning than they really should have been.

The reality is that we are often so caught up in fad diets, calorie counting and any other newfangled approach to health, that we have forgotten what it is that really forms the foundation of our entire lifestyle. Here then are the absolute basics which we should all be looking to do.

Just Thirty Minutes

Exercising every single day is something that we should all be looking to do. Whilst some may be looking at this as being a hard two hour workout and others may be running for the hills at the thought of doing it, the reality is that in 30 minutes you can get this done. It is recommended that any activity which gets your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes will be all you need to keep your heart in good health and to maintain a healthy weight. This is of course coupled with diet, but just 30 minutes is really all you need.

Drinking Water

Drinking is not a problem for most people, but drinking water is. Each day we should be consuming between 2 and 4 liters of water. So many people actually drink things which dehydrate rather than hydrate, and that causes an even bigger concern. The reality however is that just drinking enough water each day will help your skin, your memory, you cognition and all of your organs to better function. staying hydrated is always critical to how you feel and it is something which more of us have to focus on each and every day.

Getting Enough Sleep

The power of sleep can never be overlooked, yet it is estimated that more than 60% of us are not getting the number of hours each night that we need to keep ourselves in great shape. The reality is that we need to be having at least 7 hours of good quality REM sleep each night for our bodies to be in their best position. During the hours when we sleep our cells regenerate, our brain is able to recover and process the events of the day and this is the time that the body requires to recharge and reboot so that we feel great the following day. We simply cannot survive over the long term on little sleep. Another issue here is that a lack of sleep has in fact been linked to later life diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

These three practices are so simple to achieve yet there are still so many of us who just get the basics wrong. If you are looking to start a healthy life, then this is the place to kick off.