Essentials For Throwing a Birthday Party at Home

A great way to save money on a birthday party and create a more bespoke event is to throw the bash at home. Now some of you may be a little overwhelmed at the thought of hosting such an event, but it can be much easier than you may have imagined. The key is making sure that you get the basics right in terms of the prep. If you get the preparation right, all you need is great guests to turn this party into a truly memorable occasion. 

Here are the basics you mustn’t forget. 


To get started you will need to create the theme of the party, so birthday decorations will be needed. You will need to make sure to have some great-looking birthday banners, some photos of the birthday boy or girl (the more embarrassing the better) as well as some table coverings and themed plates and cups. This is the first place to start, which will set the stage for the perfect birthday party. 

Food and Drinks

When it comes to the food you could always look at outside catering but the DIY approach will be a lot more custom-made and of course, will bring the price down. With that being said, using outside catering will be a lot less stressful and leave you to enjoy the event. Should you go down the DIY route, be sure to enlist the support of friends and family who can help in preparing dishes for the big event. You can always encourage people to bring their own drinks, if you do however you should still make sure that you have a good stock of beer, wine, and soft drinks for those who don’t. 

The Cake

No birthday is complete without a cake, of course, so make sure that you have allowed enough time to order one. Consider how many guests will be attending too, to ensure that there is plenty to go around. This is best left to the professionals or someone who has experience in making top-quality cakes. 

Music and Entertainment 

It may well be that guests will be happy to turn up, share some food and drink and chat with the rest of the guests all night. If however, you wish to add something a little more special to the occasion, you can plan some fun games or a quiz. This is a great way to help everyone get to know each other and have a laugh during the party. With regards to music just ensure that you have a speaker which is loud enough, and a playlist prepared so that you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the night. 

Remember that the preparation work is critical to the execution of this party. Get your banners and balloons, send the invites out, make sure that you have plenty of food and drink, and then sit back and enjoy yourself in the celebration of whoever’s birthday it may be.