Most Valuable Limited Edition Xbox Consoles

Limited edition consoles are the most expensive products that a person can have. There are a number of rare consoles that we shall look at in this article.

Famitsu Skeleton Game Boy Light

Game Boy Light was a Japanese limited addition game. This is why the game is not well known. Only 5,000 of these games were distributed via mail order as well as special events sales. A used Game Boy Light will cost you US $596.00. Maybe after winning a jackpot from online casino usa, you can consider it.

Osamu Tezuka GameBoy Light

This game is a family friendly game. The game is also a limited edition, it was made in honour of Osamu Tezuka. Osamu Tezuka is a famous cartoonist who created masterpieces such as Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor as well as Black Jack. This limited edition will cost you $300.

Donkey Kong GBA SPDK

There were only 1,000 of these games that were produced. The game was released in Japan on February 14, 2003. You can purchase the game for at least $200. It is very rare for you to find the game because it is limited.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GameCube

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GameCube is very different from the traditional FF. It emphasizes   cable connectivity. Like many other limited additions, this console was only available in Japan. On top of that, they were not for sale. Because of this not too many people have this console. However, you can still enjoy casino games at kingjohnnie.

Pikachu N64

This limited edition will cost you $500-or-more. The game has a beautiful blue-and-yellow color scheme which will attract you from the moment you see the game. This game is perfect for kids who love the Pokmon branding. These day8s there are a lot of thindgs that have this branding.

Pokmon Championships 2009 DSi

Pokmon Championships 2009 DSi is also another Pokmon branded console that is limited. The sad thing is that you cannot buy this one. Only those who were the best Pokmon masters in the world had one of these.