Fashion Models are Embracing Plus Sizes — You Should Too

The fashion industry is finally beginning to become more inclusive and accessible by reflecting the diversity of the masses it sells to. Though the change is happening slowly and with resistance from some fashion insiders, its effects on the industry are undeniable and are giving opportunities to new ideas that promote and embrace curvier styles and plus sizes. No category of fashion is experiencing more development and love at the moment than the plus size market which continues to thrive and innovate.

Fashion Models are Embracing Plus Sizes these days

Directly influencing this positive change in the industry are the models, designers, and bloggers of the fashion world — many of whom are plus size or full figured and have experienced first-hand how misunderstood and underrepresented this area of the fashion market is. Though bloggers like Gabi Gregg, models like Ashley Graham, and designers like Ashley Nell Tipton represent a size and shape that isn’t traditional on runways or in ad campaigns, they are very representative of what real women look like. In fact, Ashley Graham has recently teamed up with online swimwear retailer swimsuitsforall to promote her own line of plus size swimsuits. For the best selection of plus size swimwear, check out her new line for yourself and — who knows — you might see something you like.

The unique personal style and willingness to share it with the masses has brought these body-positive spokeswomen to the forefront fashion; the fact that they are so relatable to many women will keep them there. In this world of social media and online shopping it’s easier than ever for consumers to find and buy what they want to express their personal style; it’s also easier than ever for full-figured fashionistas in every aspect of the industry to have a say and harness the potential of their community. Because of this, the plus size market will continue to grow as influencers in the category and the consumers that they reach continue to address the needs of the market which in the past has been largely ignored.

Plus size fashion is important because of the fact that it reaches so many real women and has the potential to affect the way they look at themselves. In American retail, plus size is considered anything over a size twelve despite the fact that the average woman is a size fourteen. When consumers go shopping in stores and find that most of the apparel available isn’t designed to fit them, and that the small amount that is available simply isn’t fashionable, it’s difficult for them to feel valued or attractive. The revolution happening in fashion in regards to plus sizes is happening largely online, giving these consumers options they’ve never been offered before — including swimwear that’s flattering, stylish, and specifically designed to accommodate full figures in a way that’s comfortable and appealing. This is an important step towards changing the standards and giving ‘plus size’ shoppers not only a fuller range of options in what they wear but also a chance to see themselves represented in a positive and glamorous light by models who look like them.

Fashion models are embracing plus sizes, and it’s about time they did.