Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

These Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women will improve your look in 5 minutes or less

Photo by CC user churchstreetmarketplace on Flickr.

If your frame is on the bigger side, standard fashion maxims might not work for you. By following these fashion tips for plus size women, you’ll be able to unlock your true beauty.

This will allow you to impress that date, rock a formal gathering, or blow the doors off an event coming up on your social calendar.

Make sure your clothes fit properly

Hiding your body with oversized pieces of clothing is one of the most common fashion mistakes that you can make. The shame that you might feel about your body can fuel your desire to cover it up.

Ironically, this only makes you look bigger, making the problem worse. An outfit that conforms to your body will emphasize the curvier aspects of your frame, enhancing your sexiness.

Figure out your body proportions, pick an outfit that is properly sized for it, and you will look considerably better than before.

Be sure to pay special attention to the fit of your bra. Plus size lingerie that does not adequately support your cleavage will create inconsistencies in your body form, making it hard to pull off a good look.

Pick accessories and designs that make your body look slimmer

The accessories that you choose for your look are important as well. If you pick a necklace that is far too small for your figure, its tiny size will make you look that much bigger by comparison. If you choose one that is far more bold and brassy, its composition will compliment your body that much better.

The same principle applies to design features on any outfits that you wear: prints or stripes should be large in size, and they should command attention from others, making you look more attractive.

Also consider the composition of your legs. A great way to use them to add to your look is to wear dresses or skirts that are shorter than you would usually wear.

By showing off more leg, you will improve the vertical profile of your body, drawing the eye into checking out one of your greatest assets.

This effect can be enhanced even more by wearing heels; as little as an inch or two can make a big difference.

Favor vertical designs over horizontal ones

Let’s get specific about the design features that you should be choosing; you should favor vertical designs over horizontal ones.

These force the eye to scan up and down, rather than left to right. When your goal is to attract attention to your curves, avoiding horizontal designs is key, as these outfits don’t draw attention to them as well as vertical ones do.