Get Rid of Height-Related Anxiety with This Insole

You’re constantly the shortest person in the room, you’re well aware of the problems your stature can cause. The most obvious one is related to furniture. Most things aren’t built for shorter people, making it difficult to reach things on shelves at the supermarket or in your own home. But that’s nothing compared to the disadvantages of being short in today’s appearance-driven society. People make split second judgements, whether consciously or subconsciously, about others according to their height. When you don’t measure up, the mental health issues that height-related anxiety can cause can have a devastating impact on your life.

Do you have Height-Related Anxiety?

Recent studies have shown that there’s a correlation between height and success in life. While there isn’t any undisputable proof as to why taller individuals see this realize more in their personal and business lives, some psychologists have suggested it’s the physicality of being taller, taking up more space, and looking down at (rather than up to) others when speaking. It all amounts to feeling self-confident with your stature, and sometimes it’s a difference of an inch or two that can gain you that self-esteem.

Once you’ve reached your twenties, there isn’t much hope of growing another two inches on your own, but you can add height without going through another growth spurt. When you look through the biggest selection of shoe lifts online, you can discretely and effectively add height to your stature. Shoe lifts or height insoles slip into your existing shoes and gently lift you to the height you need in order to experience life as a taller person.

Individuals may not even be aware of the prejudice they face as a shorter person. Insecurities regarding one’s looks can lower one’s self-esteem, and this lack of self-confidence can result in depressed. By getting a little boost from a height insole, those individuals who are shorter than average can help to remedy their poor body image. A well-made shoe lift will also:

  • Be specially designed to offer both heel and arch support,

  • Fit easily and comfortably in most style of shoes, and

  • Provide ergonomic shock support to reduce stress on knees and lower back.

It’s unfortunate that modern society puts such an emphasis on one’s physical appearance, yet it’s a fact of life. If you’re tired of making the wrong first impression because of your height, insoles are your perfect solution. When the proper shoe lifts are used, you’ll cast a larger figure and take up more room. Imagine being able to look fellow workers in the eye instead of getting a stiff neck from looking up all the time. There’s no doubt that your new height and self-confidence will bring your success in all areas of your life.