Find Out How You Can Promote Your Blog without Paying a Cent

Many companies trying establish their businesses find themselves in a very awkward situation when it comes to marketing their content. Most of these companies stop once they have developed their websites or merely shared it on their social networks awaiting traffic overflow to their sites. Well, at, we understand what failing to achieve your goals could mean to you and your business.

Remember that the internet is the most crowded marketplace and although your content may be stunning, there is equally a big number of content that requires discovering. Hence, before you make any step after having created your blog, consider promoting your piece until it reaches its rightful audience. Understanding how your readers share content is also vital.


Establishing an audience

After having analysed your audience – both in ideas and content strategy stages, it is high time you started enjoying the fruits of your sweat. If you manage to turn your study into content that targets your niche audience, you will definitely be on the right track to establishing a relationship with that particular audience. Below are some of the methods you can use to boost your relationship.

  • Influencer marketing – This refers to the specialists in the industry. They are considered as the people commanding a large audience following and therefore are better positioned to reaching out to these audiences. This is a group of people everyone you are contacting is ready to listen to.  Establishing a relationship with this group of people is regarded as one of the greatest ways of creating your own audience and it is particularly efficient for those content marketers trying to promote their own brand. Thus, if you did the right planning, then including influencer marketing as a section of your content development strategy can be a wise idea. Mostly, you can make use of the FollowerWonk to conduct Twitter bio search and come up with a list of persons in your particular niche.
  • Whiteboard snippet – Avoid those out-dated posts that tend to inquire about people. These posts can be written by anyone and the best way instead, is focus on interview-like questions or their contribution in what you are creating in their niche. It was not by sheer luck that these influencers found themselves where they are; they worked harder. Hence, helping you to rise up should be considered as fun and not a duty.
  • Comment marketing – This is also a great way to establish a relationship and promote your content. While many people out there are engaging in grey or black-hat practices by posting totally unrelated comment containing links to any site they come across, this is not the best way to achieve your goals. Most of these comments are usually regarded as no-follow and could result into your being punished by search engines. Only focus on white-hat SEO when doing comment promotion.

Hydrology blog SERP 

More often than not, sites that are hosted on WP and BlogSpot tend to command a higher DA (Domain Authority) simply because they seek authentication from their subdomains. This is where PA (Page Authority) and links come in handy. One important thing to note here is that you are not only looking at how great the statistics are but trying to find quality in your communication. It is therefore important to consider the outcome and choose the ones you wish to relate to.

As it were, there are several methods of enhancing your blog’s online appearance. At, we have done the donkey work for you and what remains is for you to visit us to learn how you can enhance your content campaign. The methods listed above are just a drop in the ocean. Click on the above link to get started.